Dynamic Standmount speaker

The ProAc would be my choice. I am on my third pair with the ribbon tweeter. The ribbon tweeter will ruin you for anything else. My one caveat is don’t get one that is too big for your amp. They sound pristine with good, solid amp power and harsh with too little amp power.

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As indicated in my last post, hard to drive and sensitivity are not directly related - a speaker can be very low sensitivity (low dB/W) and easy to drive, or high sensitivity and hard to drive. Sensitivity tells you how loud for a given power. Ease of driving is to do with impedance variability and other factors such as the speaker’s own damping of the cones.

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Interesting I wasn’t aware that ribbon tweeters needed any more power. Also my mistake with regards to sensitivity. I understand that impedance load is what determines how easy the speaker is to drive but generally sensitivity is a by-product of that no?

I guess I always read reviewers stating sensitivity along with impedance therefore I paired the two together as well.

You’ll be fine khan84. I listen to mine hours on end with a SN3. Your NAP135/NAC52 will power them well.

No, unrelated.

The PMCs are very analytical and fast. Enjoyed mine very much. Kinda wish I’d kept them sometimes

I’m confused. Lol. I will need to read up to understand this better.

On another note, can anybody chime in on the sound signature of the Proac D2r. I’m having a hard time finding a speaker with the sound signature I’m looking for- A full midrange yet punchy and dynamic with an open treble that isn’t harsh. A bass that is reasonably fast.

Is it just me or are modern speakers considerably brighter than older designs.

My next audition will likely be the Proac d2r and Triangle Comete.

Love my Kudos C10s. I’d describe them as transparent and revealing rather than hot. With decent amplification they are balanced too with a fast bass, albeit that as with any smallish standmounted speaker they are never going to reproduce really low bass.

Listen to the ProacD2 (dome tweeter, also a current model) while you’re there … I have these in a 82/180 system and they’re brilliant all rounders … and indeed sound like they fit the bill on all counts. I’d be interested in hearing your comparison with the R model which I haven’t heard - probably fair to say most people seem to go for the latter but it’s not universal, hence both remain available.

My own experience is these are not bright, or at least they are less bright than my previous speakers, or most of them, hearing memory is short anyway, so cannot go back that far, I remember a cheap Tannoy I had like 15 yrs ago, it was not bright at all, but a 100 quid speaker most probably had other imperfections. Brightness has always been the area I fear the most when it comes to speaker frequency response, before I bought the D2Rs I had a Tablette 10 Sig, I find the dome tweeter slightly brighter, although there is more to a speaker design than just a tweeter material characteristics. I also had Dali Rubicons prior to the Tabs, which were even brighter than both Proacs, but had other virtues nevertheless.

Your thread tittle says Dynamic though, so If I have to compare D2Rs and the Tablette in this context, the Tab has an edge for sure, the D2 feels slower, but with fuller sound, the tab is very restricted in the sub-bass frequency range, which most probably contributes to the perception of being fast and dynamic.

To me it is not just the speaker that is to blame for the music to sound bright, IMHO it is the mastering that has the biggest impact on the sound and the room of course also, but to a lesser extent, If a recording is poor, it will sound poor even in best acoustically treated environment.

Hope this helps, and as you have mentioned that you are able to audition, well that is always the best purchase guide, not everybody has this “privilege”.

Thanks for the replies guys. Yes I’ve gone through quite a few speakers recently.

What have I learned so far?

I prefer a full midrange with a punchy sound. Smooth but open treble. I’m not too fussed about low end bass. The most important aspect in a speaker for me is the engagement factor.

Cheap standmount speakers are so much fun with high end components

Speakers are a very important part of the chain to get right but I don’t think one needs to spend a lot of money to achieve great synergy.

Speaker synergy in a system is absolutely paramount.

right now for my preferences, cheap standmount speakers are outperforming very expensive speakers in the engagement factor.

Dynaudio Special Forty?

Well not all of them. ATC make significant changes to their designs infrequently. Their most recent was the development of a built-in-house tweeter, replacing the bought-in SEAS unit they used previously. And that was around 7 years ago. By all accounts the new tweeter removed a slight “edge” to the sound, rather than making it brighter.

I do wonder if the quoted observation reflects changes in electronics, particularly sources, as much as speakers.


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