Dynaudio C1 with 272/250dr

Just come across a pair of Dynaudio c1 in mint condition to a very good price (1800 gbp) Will my 250dr be powerfull enough since the street says the dyns need watts

Have audiovector s3 avtg but get really tired during longer sessions. They are to bright.


Yes the 250 DR can power the C1’s, I have used this combo briefly (1 week demo). I previously owned C1’s, but traded them in before getting my 272/250 DR. I borrowed my dealers C1 platinums to try after I upgraded from a Supernait 2 to the 272/250. I felt the SN2 struggled driving C1’s properly. Of course they would sound even better with a 300 or 500. I would add a power supply to the 272 before going too far though.

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That’s on its way also.

Have you tried playing with the position of your speakers? If you have them pointed straight at you they can be a bit relentless. Straight ahead with just enough toe in to give a stable central image will give a more open sound.

Remember you should never buy something because it’s cheap. What you want is something that you love listening to, even if it costs a bit more.

picked them up and it all sounds amazing:-).

Will live with two pairs for a couple of months now.


What’s behind the speakers ?

Is that a fixed place for the TV ?

Absorbers i made myself- works well. Usually have a thick blanket over the tv also that covers both front and back

And now with a 555ps dr

I am home

Insane hos a power supply add both warmth and detail… insane

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