Dynaudio focus xd 30 - garden room - sources

I have a garden office. I have a wired internet link. I have just bought active speakers. I intend to play Qubuz via wireless WiFi. But if the signal is unreliable and I want to use the wired connection what are my options as a source? I have thought of a Naim NAC 272 streaming pre-amp which are going for recent prices. I have a streamer in the house. My garden office “sees” the streamer. Will I be able to stream via the house streamer?

The 272 does not have native Qobuz support like the current Naim streamers. Also, I’m not sure that you need the preamp. A Naim streamer would work with either a digital or analogue connection into the Dynaudios.

Thanks Chris. Current Naim streamers are too expensive for that use.

I reckon you would find a good used or ex-demo ND5XS2 for no more than the price of a 272. Not sure exactly how you were thinking of connecting it, but to my ears the SPDIF out is pretty much the same as on the NDX2, so could work well into the Dyn’s

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