E liquid cbd

i would want to try e liquid to vape with cbd . Has anyone tried? is it good to sleep well and wake up without problems ?
i am vaping and also have sleeping problems…

here some cbd e liquids in uk. in France the brands are different…


CBD is potentially associated with sleeping problems:

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Hello Frenchrooster,
Although I live in Colorado (legal for both medicinal and recreational), I’m certainly not an expert on the subject, however, my experience is that although CBD is quite helpful as a natural alternative for anxiety and stress related ailments, it’s not necessarily helpful for sleeping issues. High THC content is preferred for sleep disorders. Hope that helps…

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Hi @frenchrooster

I use a vape site, Planet of the Vapes, which is very helpful. Rather than me trying to summarise the best types/strengths of CBD for vaping it would be helpful if you can check it out, lots of info and has a separate CBD thread. No need to join and the consensus is yes it does help sleep problems.
Happy vaping

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i read that there is no thc, perhaps 0,01 %. The cdb can be, here in France, have 100 to 1000 mg / 10 cl, so from 1% to 10%.
For 10cl, around 500 mg in 10 cl, it costs around 60 euros, so not so cheap. But i want to try.

thanks Glasnaim, i will check. Do you use sometimes, and do you wake up in good form ?

I have used it out of curiousity, not bad , no problem in waking up, at my age staying awake is more of a problem. That does seem a bit expensive, if you check out the site you will get lots of background re strengths/prices etc, I think last time I paid about £20/10ml

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I just checked the bottles of two strains I have. Folks will have different reactions so it’s quite possible the one you describe will work for you. I also have some edibles in a 1:1 THC/CBD ratio. I’m sure what you find is (strictly?) enforced by local laws in your area. The price you mention is extremely high, however, it’s not fair to compare with Colorado where we have a ton of vendors/customers resulting in price reductions over the past few years…

THC - 0.56%, CBD – 12.15% (non-drowsy)

THC - 26.01%, CBD – 0% (good for sleep, no morning side effects)

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i will report soon…

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