@Alley_Cat I have used one before and they are certainly fun. I didn’t use one in a commuting sense mind you! Not sure if I would want to do 10 miles one one mind you! They are certainly demanding of your concentration and you are right, the road surface is very key to the enjoyment you get! I do remember slightly rough road surfaces being pretty hard on the hands/wrists/forearms. I could have one of the stock ones if I wanted but can’t think of a reasonable use for one yet!

Not sure our customers are sensible btw! Some of the return reasons for stock are beyond crazy!! :joy::joy:

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This is why I think e-bikes better in the long run. Normal sized wheels will cope much better with Potholes etc and you still have benefit of a motor. Plus you can go faster than 15mph down hill (with proper brakes if needed)!

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I agree.

The beauty of the e-scooters however is the compact size which I’d imagine for office workers will be a boon if they can keep/charge them near their desks (maybe still too big but potentially a lot more practical than a bike).

I suppose a lot depends on employers making provision for their employees changing commuting habits. I won’t hold my breath

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That’s the biggest problem AFAICS - if you have several hundred employees you’ll potentially have some space for the facilities or to create them, but won;t have enough for all. If you have only a few employees you may not have spare space to provide the facilities, though if you can more likely you can cater for all.

It’s happening pretty fast here. We have really good facilities at our office, and the building managers make a big deal of it.

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Use the space where they would have parked their cars?

This is were my friend,who was an early adopter of e-scooters is coming from, it should have adequate range, but be portable enough that you don’t have to chain it up out side a shop, or at transport terminus, you carry it in with you and you charge it at your desk at work.

Smoother roads would help, and i suspect most drivers would like some of those too.