Ear 912 pre with Gryphon Essence stereo , electrical match?

Each his choices. I have no house mortgage, no car, no childs. Life is too short……


That is certainly true. It does take a lot more work, time and possibly money to find those matches though with a near infinate number of combinations. Not everyone has the temperament for the hunt. I certainly don’t. And there are possibly mismatched service levels and so on. It’s simply less aggro to go with one brand. That is doubly true if you have no access to quality dealers.

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I’m not at all clear what you’re saying. The design of any cooling system is based on the assessed heat sources, and if you add a class A amplifier with 350W heat generation all the time it is on, it could be a problem if sufficient spare capacity has not been factored in. Or create a need for cooling where there isn’t before adding the amplifier.

In summer the more heat generated within the home in addition to whatever heat input there is arising from the climate in conjunction with building design plus human activity is more heat to lose, and so places greater on the cooling system if there is one, regardless of whether someone has active or passive cooling, That may be a problem if it exceeds the design capacity of the cooling system, and costly in energy and hence money if cooling is powered. (Depending of course for how long it is kept powered.)

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Just what you point out: that external temperatures rise more and more in more latitudes, and that air conditioning or cooling systems are already a necessity rather than a luxury, and that, as the issue of energy goes, they will probably be increasingly undersized and will be more expensive to feed and maintain, that if we do not begin to experience power cuts, blackouts and energy rationing very soon…

In sone places! Not a problem at all (yet) m where I live, but maybe something for the OP to factor into his consideration. But of course if only turned on for a small proportion of the day then maybe not enough reason to reject.

I used to have a Musical Fidelity A270, which had similar power consumption, but only on from about half an hour before a session. I did notice the extra warmth in the room on the hottest days, but not enough to bother me at all. In winter with thermostatic for that room that area would have just had less heat draw.

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Where do you live?, if i can…

I have 2 choices, from what I could listen to over the recent years : go for Gryphon Essence , to partner with my existing pre with phono, or go for Ear 861 or 890. The third choice would be 552/500 with an additional phono, which is out, definitely, of my budget .
Now, regards to the heat, I doubt that the amp will run very hot, because I don’t listen more than 2/3 hours per day, and my speakers are easy to drive.
The Ear 861 and 890 are all tubes amps. They may run hotter than the Essence. Hypothesis of course.

Hi FR, I don’t know those Ear amps, but given their power output ratingsI’d guess - but ir is only a guess, the Essence might sit between the two in power consumption/heat output. There must be detailed specs somewhere? If you’re leaning towards these three amps, I don’t think the power consumption/heat output would be the appropriate reason for choosing one over another.

Interestingly they were designed by the late Tim de Paravicini, who designed the old MF amp I mentioned earlier!

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A British Island. Right in the very centre of the British Isles, but not part of the UK. As an island nowhere is more than 6 miles from the sea (and the sea is only 2.2 mikes (3.5km) from my home), hence summers are not as hot, and winters not as cold. As people experience in the bigger land masses around us.

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Have you ever bumped into Bergerac?

I wouldn’t think so in the Isle of Man?

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No, as I haven’t been to Jersey (which is not in the middle of the British Isles, but the most southern of the inhabited ones).

A really big 45kg 2 x 50W poweramp that waste 300W? As environmental as building a new vinyl player in 2021/2022 :slight_smile:

I tried the EAR912 and if I wasnt looking for an integrated it would be the top preamp on my list. I only tried it with a 300 and the Linn Klimax amps (both Solos and the Twin). Both was a great combination to my ears (especially with the tiny Twin). The 912 was able to show off the prat and tunefullness of both in addition to its own strengths. The Gryphon is marketed on neutrality, often meaning no musicality, so make sure you listen before you give up your 250DR.

But still I would love to demo the Gryphons myself (except for the weight and power consumtion). I noted Gryphon is yet another interesting danish brand, I have lost count now - denmark is sure looking to fill britains shoes in the EU in this area.

After the holiday I will homedemo another one of those great danes! The Aavik I-280 integrated and S-280 streamer/dac - I had a short listen in the store and besides great hifi they also reminded me of ancient naim. Fast, ballsy and tuneful.


Please Jan after the demo let us know what you think about Aavik? Also thinking to make the step to Aavik.

I listened recently to the Gryphon Essence pre with power , and was very impressed. Such effortless, dynamic, organic, involving. I listened also to the Gryphon Diablo, but the sound signature was more clinical.
As wrote above, on a similar system at dealer place, the Essence combo was at the same level as 552/500 .
For now, all the solid states electronics I could listen to since several years haven’t enjoyed me really, be it Esoteric, Soulution, Constellation, Boulder, and many other. Naim was my favourite solid state.
Now it’s also the new Gryphon line.

Have you tried Kora from down Toulouse way? Not strictly solid state as they only use transistors for impedance matching and valves for the voltage gain. The TA480 and 240 are the power amp models. I quite enjoyed their integrated TB140 and 400, not so much that I’d trade in my 552/500 mind but that’s out of the running for you.

Not tried, but yes they got my interest. The Kora ellipse was sounding very good at that time. I read the review recently about the integrated in Hifi advice site. The reviewer was quite impressed. If I have the opportunity I will listen to it.

Between our Rooster and Mr Tate, there is no end of entertainment….

Maybe you two could swap systems :joy::joy::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

You are facetious my sweet rabbit :grin:
Didn’t knew I had something in common with him, as I don’t change my mind every 5 minutes. But I agree he is an entertaining guy.

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