Ear ear!

You know, we spend ages chatting about the best hi fi, and no time talking about the measuring instrument, our ears.

I am currently suffering a condition where my left and right ears hear the same sound as a different tone (or maybe frequency). As you can imagine this makes listening to music, or any sound at best a bit odd, at worst unlistenable, boardering on painful.

For example this afternoon my wife put on some alexis ffrench piano music. I had to leave the room It was horrible!

If i am honest i am finding it really depressing, music is my escape.

Trying to get to see the doctor, but in the UK the NHS is struggling massively, basically if its not life threatening, your a long way down the priority list. Thats probably right.

But …well, look after your ears team!

Sorry to hear this. If it’s any consolation you are not the only person on here to having medical issues with ones hearing.

Hearing IMHO is pushed way down the priority list within the NHS :expressionless:

I feel for you. I suffered a sudden and irreversible hearing loss in my left ear last year. I needed a specialist and as the NHS was unavailable due to Covid I went private, against all my principles but in this case it needed looking at. Unfortunately the consultant could do nothing, but hopefully in your case they can. Don’t delay in case it develops into something worse, which depends on what the condition actually is.

I adore music and this loss really changed things for me. Even now, over a year later, it can make me weepy. So get on the case straightaway and pay for a private consultation if needs be. You can still revert to the NHS if you need further treatment.

All the best.


A private audiologist (not necessarily a high street chain one) may be able to help or expedite the referral to consultant level care - probably private but as HH says you can always transfer back later

Thanks all, i will investigate private healthcare.


I think speed is of the essence…

Well. I have been fortunate. The NHS swung into action before i could secure a private appointment. I attended a hearing test yesterday. They confirmed its not right, and i am on a fairly heavy dose of steroids. Hoping it gets better.

I did speak to a private consultant and he said he is very busy due to high demand…at £200 per consultation …hes probably on this forum😁

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Sorry to hear that news, it must be very frustrating.

Not heard of that before, but could be one of these variants:

Let’s hope it’s something straightforward or self-limiting.

I guess one difficulty for you is knowing which ear is ‘wrong’.

Thinking laterally, would some kind of noise cancelling earbud worn only on the affected side help to allow you to hear mainly the correct pitch without a earbud present on the ‘good’ side - a compromise naturally. Also I guess it would probably not be impossible to have a earbud type device which digitally altered the pitch in the affected ear to get a better match, however that could be tricky depending on how the ‘overall’ frequency response of the affected ear had changed unless it was calibrated - I suspect it’s not simply a case that every note is offset by the same pitch shift.

Oh thats fairly disappointing reading.

On the bright side no point parting with £7k on those Russel k 150se speakers i had my heart set on!

Apologies for posting the link, the initial one I found was a private auditory practice in Australia.

It’s not necessarily permanent from my reading but some causes may be open to limited treatment options.

See an NHS or private professional quickly if you can, you need proper evaluation/workup for this.

Equally I think CT/MR scans/tests are unlikely to throw up an obvious treatable cause, but can be useful in exclduing certain things.

No worries it’s reality, no benefit to be had hiding from it! Fortunately the NHS has me in its arms. Currently on a dose of fairly strong steroids. If they don’t work then it’s steroids direct into the ear (hoping it’s not injected!) And then CT scan as you suggested.

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Good luck with it, let’s hope the steroids have an effect.

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