Early Core Experience

How do you find the sound quality of the Core, please?

It’s fine, but it’s really hard to say. After all, there are many other things to consider, not least being the quality of the disc / mastering. Then there’s a multitude of boxes and cables etc. before you hear anything. However, remember that Naim Audio uses it to demonstrate its full range of streaming products and amplifiers up to and including Statement, so it can’t be too bad!

If you read up this thread, you’ll realise that I still have a couple of concerns with it at the moment.

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Thanks. Best of luck!

I’m listening to mine now via my NDX2 and imo it’s magic.

Thanks Pete. That Core/NDX2 route is what is on my mind for the future!

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I would echo Pete’s comments. I have had a core for maybe 4 years now. Upgrade from unitiserve. I am delighted with it, for me so far problem free. Ripping CDs, storing bandcamp downloads. If I can make it work (computers bore me to tears) anyone can. Good luck.

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You can choose the ripping quality in the app. Playback file quality seems to be only accessible during playback, when it will show if the large album art option is displayed.

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I did write to Naim Audio Support and received a fairly comprehensive reply in less than a week. I haven’t yet tried another backup, but one tip recommended was the usual switch off and back on again. I tried to rip an old Beatles CD, which I thought had to be on the search databases. Again nothing was found, so I cancelled the rip after a few tracks and did the power cycle as recommended and re ripped the disc. Guess what - it worked! Metadata all found. Now that I’ve ripped a few more CDs from my collection I could try another backup to see if it will do a differential one this time. That’ll have to be when I’ve a bit more time, but it’s a good result regarding metadata lookup.

Interesting about the metadata search working after a restart. That’s good to know.

The differential backup working after a restart is something that I can confirm from my own experience. Some time ago I had a backup suddenly threaten to be from scratch, (by which I mean it suggested a backup location which it wanted to format, rather than offer me my existing backup file to add to), so I cancelled the backup and did a power off restart of my Core. Once it was all back and looking normal I started a backup again and it immediately offered me my existing backup file and did a differential backup.

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