Earth settings on ND5-XS with LP12

Could someone confirm for me whether, with a turntable in the system, the ground switch on the ND5-XS should be set to “Floating” or “Chassis”. I believe that it should be floating, if I understand the manual correctly. But I’m experiencing some occasional electronic popping noises from the turntable which sound like they may be due to static. While I try to track the noise down I’d like to at least know that I’ve got that switch in the right position.

Thank you for your help.

I would say that you are correct, “floating” is the best setting,
The idea being that you only have one ground point in the system which is the LP12.
You need to check the continuity of the ground on the LP12 though. Mind you if it wasn’t good I would expect a general buzz.

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Woiuld that be to check toplate to earth pin on mains plug?

I don’t know. It has a Lingo4, so no direct connection to mains plug. There is a static-like pop most times that I remove a record from the platter, which involves passing it over the Lingo electronics underneath the platter. It strikes me that it’s most likely an earth issue so this is one avenue worth exploring.

This is nothing to do with mains earth, the purpose of the switch is to allow only one signal earth (ground) on the pre-amp to avoid multiple signal earths that will result in earth loop noise. The LP12 does not carry a signal earth, so the assuming your ND5 is the only other device into the pre-amp, then the switch should be set to “Chassis”

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No buzz. Some slight interference audible if volume turned up to absolute maximum but I think that’s pretty normal.

Thanks. Yes the only two sources are the ND5-XS and the LP12 (there’s a Sonos Connect but that’s plugged into the ND5-XS).
Switching between “Chassis”and “Floating” appears to make no difference to anything anyway.
So the thin wire with the horseshoe terminal that gets bolted onto the phono stage next to the 2 RCA plugs isn’t a signal earth?

The wire that connects to the phono stage ground terminal is an arm ground. I agree the position of the switch can appear to make no audible difference & if that’s the case I would always select Chassis.
Its that way on my system with NDX & NAT-05, the NAT-05 does not have a signal ground.

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