Easy to drive bookshelves

Any suggestions for bookshelves for unitiqute and a cyrus streamline?

both amps are like 30 watts.

I currently use a dali mentor menuet - 4 ohms and 86 dB - seems to work fine.

but kef ls 50 was like lifeless. so was totem arros.

Are 8 0hm speakers necessarily easy to drive?

focal 905/906 - 8 ohms and 89 db sensitivity … will that work?

any other options?

As with another recent poster, it would help if you clarify whether you mean bookshelf, as in a speaker to sit on a shelf, or possibly direct on the wall, or whether you mean a standmount, often positioned away from the walls. The two functions are different. If the latter, then it would be worth checking out this recent thread:

And re your question, the declared impedance gives no idea as to how easy speakers may be to drive, though a look at the impedance curve (rarely available) could well help.

It would probably help if you indicated your anticipated max budget.

Ercol make nice bookshelves.


By bookshelf speaker I mean one which sits on a speaker stand. budget is like $1000. Thanks.

BTW by “bookshelves” - i meant bookshelf speakers.

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Have a look at Amphion , the Helium 410 and 510, they are 8 ohms and 86db , certainly will meet your bookshelf criteria

The Focals get mixed reviews on this web site , but they look good on paper

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Q Acoustics Concept 20


how about the triangle bro3 - 8 ohms/90dB - horn loaded tweeter - and great reviews everywhere!

and super cheap to boot!!!

A friend has some Triangle Comete 202s which are essentially similar. He’s pleased with them, driving them with a half-size Teac integrated.

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You might want to try Dynaudio Emit M20s. I heard them sounding very enjoyable on the end of an Atom, which is only slightly more powerful than your UQ. Even with dedicated stands they’d be well within your budget.


Hi. I posted on here a while ago asking about suitable speakers for a Uniti Star, suitable for my living room (3m x 4m). I was happy with some suggestions (PMC, Neat), but some were too dear, or too big. I sold my old B&W floorstanders (too boomy), and read many reviews and listened to many speakers including ‘bookshelf’ ones. I eventually plumped for the Spendor A1s. I’m delighted with them. I was afraid they’d lack bass; at that size, the bass isn’t visceral. But it (to me) more than compensates in bass tonal quality, attack, agility, rhythm and timing. They’re very ‘easy’ to listen to for extended periods too, and at low volume, with an excellent balance of fun and resolution. Vocals are spellbinding. Er no, I don’t work for Spendor! But you owe yourself a listen - some dealers I’ve been to seem not to try to sell them as much as they deserve, I found.


Maybe some Rega RX1 at that budget.

Can’t help wondering what a non-audiophile would make of a thread titled “Easy to drive bookshelves.” :grinning:


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