Ebay bargin v demo

NAC 282 on ebay for less than 2k.
My plan ( unless 272 upgrade ) was NDX2 and 282.

if i got this - it would mean 272 source for 282 for a while which i have never heard but seeing the price of a new 282 - this seems great.
Every Naim upgrade I have done in the past has worked out - but what are peoples experience of buying Naim on ebay blind?

Be very careful ! Ask for another pictures, and a different picture from the back to check the serial number.


£2k for brand new if I read that right is most likely too good to be true.


New for 2k - sounds too good to be true…caveat emptor

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Thanks - if i get the serial number is there something i can do to see history?

Its not advertised as new - secondhand!

I think Steve and I must have misread.

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You can email support@naimaudio.com and ask about it, but current answering times might still be slow because of covid, so may not help for ebay.

The other thing is that there should not be an “IF I get the serial number”. Definitely ask, and hands off if you don’t get it, with a photo

Was it serviced ? When ?
If it’s a 2002 282 non serviced, it’s not a bargain I feel.

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ok i get the confusion - 5k for a new item this is 1800 second hand.
So unless i go to my dealer , listen to a 272 into a 282 then shaft him by buying this on ebay - i will never get to demo this and have no guarantee the ebay 282 is good.
Naim in my experience hold value well so 5k to 1800 seems a big drop.

I dont know about the service history either,

I think reading all your fantastic fast responses i will pass!
after speakers my plan was turntable upgrade or NDX2.

This forum is great!

I got my 282 ex-demo for around £3k after a bit of haggling a few years ago, secondhand for £1800 may be genuine, but I’ve never used ebay but the general feeling here seems to be wary of ‘bargains’.

Over the last year I have bought much ebay Naim stuff, some from
private individuals and some from dealers utilising ebay. I have not had anything that was other than genuine, as described and a good price. I don’t understand the comments. Do your due diligence, ask questions before you make an offer, and if the questions aren’t answered then walk away. I find it is an excellent way to try out kit that I cant otherwise get to listen to.


There are two there for about £2K at the moment. You need the serial number but if it’s not too old, or Naim support (phone them!) say it’s been serviced recently then personally I would take a punt with either of these. The feedback is good. One of them is selling other hifi too. You need to talk to the guy on the phone ideally. But if you pay with PayPal then as I say it could be worth a punt in my opinion.




If this is the unit I think you are looking at, that price isn’t far out of line with others that have sold recently given that it’s a private seller with no original box and no known service history. Most eBay sellers are genuine, and if you engage another HiFi enthusiast with a few questions you can usually judge their honestly easily enough. He’s even offering to let you demo if you can travel to collect it.

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I’ve bought and sold various Naim on e-bay over the years and never had a problem. It’s a popular enough brand that stuff tends to go for a sensible price.
The 282 has been around for a long time, so price variances tend to reflect age and servicing history.

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If you buy from a dealer, new or ex demo you might sleep better at night. Or you might get lucky from other sources.

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EBay is no more with PayPal. I am not sure it’s so secure as before to buy on EBay.
I may be wrong.

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That’s a good point. I have never had to use a dispute resolution buying on ebay, but I have always paid by paypal in case it were needed. I believe you can still use paypal for purchases, just not for selling.

Best to read the new conditions, but I am quite sure that essentially ebay is now providing the protection services in-house that were previously provided by PayPal. Which might even be a good thing because I believe that it extends to bank transfers now as well. But I urge everyone to not rely on me and read the conditions themselves

Edit: Looked it up, seems to differ per country. On the UK site it says that bank transfers are not, here in Germany some types are. But anyways, simply pick a method that is covered, there a many to choose

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