EBLT belt installed

So just installed an EBLT belt on my P6. Is it all in my mind or is that really such a difference I hear.

Ok my white belt was over two years old. But this seems to have tightened things up even further.

Am I dreaming? :grinning:

I think you are dreaming!
I changed the original belt on my P25 after 5 years. Was expecting something. Bugger all.
My second system has a P6 with the same belt. Yes, the P6 is in a different league to the P25. But I doubt its down to the eblt.
And, more importantly I wish there was not a crack when I turn the P6 off via the power supply box thingy. Turning the 72 makes little difference. I think the PSU is sending some nasties down my mains when turned off, and the 140 is objecting.

Maybe his belt was old and well used, and needed changing.

…you are not dreaming…when I changed from the original black belt to the white bely on my old P9, I heard a major improvement.

Advanced EBLT or the new Reference EBLT? (They are both black)

According to the Rega website for the Reference, which has some measurements, it does seem to have quite an impact over the standard belt regarding speed stability

P10s since March 8, 2021, come equipped with the Reference. Mine is a bit older and I wondered if I should exchange them, so I checked with the German distributor. For the P10, they said that because it came with the Advanced anyway, and because it has two belts, they don’t think that a premature switch (before the normal interval) changes much

There have been three (at least) generarions of belts, the last three being black, then white, now black

I had the old better belt (white one) on my Rp6 and got two Reference EBLTs, one for Planar 3 and other for Rp6, felt they both improved with tighter timing.

Mate of mine did the same on his Planar 3 and was similarly impressed but baffled that it would be so noticeable.

He also then replaced the TT Psu I had lent him for the new Neo and again was similarly amazed that it made such a discernible difference.

I had previously put Neos on both my turntables.

I replaced a just over two year old white belt with the Reference EBLT.

I have had a hard time finding out online what the replacement frequency should be. I think I read Rega recommending once in 5 years but also read folk who said to swap after 2 years.

Ah OK, thanks. Rega says 5 years interval in the turntable manuals, but on the Advanced and Reference EBLT pages says that they last 50% longer than “the previous model” (which I guess is the white one)

I saw comments about the Reference belt and folks saying it improved timing. For the cash it was well worth trying. And I am pretty sure there is an improvement that is not just mental voodoo.

I can well imagine that it’s a real difference. Might still risk the 100 EUR despite what the distributor said :slight_smile:

100 Euro? It was 45!

I need 2 for the P10 :slight_smile:

Ha! I had no idea. :grinning:

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