ECM luminescence series 45 rpm audiophile


Gnu High is being delivered today I’ll let you know how it looks and sounds.

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Are there a lot already available or only the two shown on this video?

As far as I know just the two fr.

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I see that one coming too:


And that one:

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The one I will order :

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When the list came out there was a discussion on one of the vinyl threads a couple of months back and the Zakir Hussein was the one that jumped out at me.


I’ll have to play my original - thanks for the reminder, FR👍

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Is ECM Luminescence serie really 45 rpm?
I thought it was 33rpm.

I understand the confusion. The “45 rpm audiophile “ is the name of the YouTube channel, by Michael Ludwig. You are right, the reissues are 33 rpm.

The Lumninessence series is all 33rpm. I went to the launch event at Brilliant Corners a few weeks ago where they played the Kenny Wheeler and Naná Vasconcelos albums. The sound – through Technics TT, McIntosh amps, Klipsch speakers – was very good. The pressings were absolutely amazingly quiet. You are all in for a treat.

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I got both of these on release day. I have both Gnu High and Saudades as original WEA U.S. releases. These new reissue are fantastic and blow the old copies I have out of the water. I always loved Gnu High and now I like it even better. I saw Nana Vasconcelos with Pat Metheny twice in the 80s when he stole the show. I bought Saudades because of that but never quite connected with it, but with this new reissue I finally have. Wow, it’s great!

My copies are dead quiet and have no pressing defects whatsoever, both 150 gr. Not even any ticks or pops. The pressings are spot on perfect.

I cannot wait for Keith Jarrett’s Bremen/Lausanne Solo Concert 3-LP set to come out if it’s going to be this good. I love the album and play it at least once a year, since I bought it new some 40 years ago. It’s a bit crusty and I would welcome gleefully a reissue that is even half as good as what just came out.

I have about 150 ECM records from the analog era, maybe 70/30% WEA U.S. pressings vs German GEMA pressings. The later sound so much better every time I make a change for former to later. These new ones are like the old German pressings and then some.

The jackets are nice tip-on gatefolds with new liner notes. However, when I opened them the discs were packaged between the sleeves in the fold. I thought at first, what a nice touch to prevent seam splits. However, the jackets are very slightly small and it’s a big PITA to slide the disc into the jacket. I think those who packaged the records just gave up. LOL. Hopefully they will fix the jacket dimension to make them more standard, so the records fit inside. Ugh.

I’m in for the whole series. These are great, and at the $26 each I paid a great deal, considering Speakers Corner are now $43 and the new DG Classics Original Source are $46. I just hope the new DG Classics are done as well as this.


…lucky you…I just had a look at the first two titles and here in Italy they are going over 40 €, the Don Cherry issue is already at 46…

The Old and New Dreams (i.e. Don Cherry) is an odd one. Amazon in the U.S. is showing it at $48. I think that’s wrong. I’m certainly not going to pay that much for it.

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