Eddie Butler passes away

Aged 65 on a charity trek for prostate cancer in Peru.

Very sad.


Oh dear, very sad. I enjoyed his biased commentary as I am Welsh.




He certainly had a very characteristic voice and grew into the commentary role.

I still really miss Bill McLaren.

At least it was quick by the sounds of it.

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I wonder if the long flight out had something to do with it - PE??

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Oh yes, Bill was great too.

I also loved the banter between Eddie and Brian Moore. They made a good pair


Interesting thought. Suspect more likely it was a catastrophic MI/sudden arrhythmia.

They certainly did, loved Brian Moore’s down to earth observations.

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Very sad indeed, he was an engaging commentator with vast knowledge of his sport, after great service to Wales and the British Lions.

Interesting to see references to Bill McLaren, another hugely respected broadcaster.

The only blot on the poor chap’s copybook seems to be that he attended, and played Blues Rugby for, Fenland Polytechnic.

No doubt many glasses of Penderyn will be raised to him in Wales tonight.


Lovely sentiment graham55 - I was coming back from the supermarket in Mrs AC’s car and she always has local radio on which is usually banal so wasn’t paying attention - the presenters were talking about the loss of a great rugby commentator - I honestly thought they were referring to memories of Bill McClaren so when I heard them mention Eddie’s name I was gobsmacked to say the least.

Oddly he seems to have been included on lots of local Welsh BBC commentary relating to the Queen’s death over the past few days - it never occurred to me that this may have been pre-recorded.

Alas, I finished my last Penderyn earlier this year. I’ll raise a glass of Edradour instead.

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Yes sorry to hear the very sad news. But I agree, his loyalties did occasionally seep through into his commentary!!

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Sad news indeed. His dulcet tones commentating on France will be particularly missed. Less so him and Jiffy for England v Wales.

Shocked. Relatively young - my age. I always enjoyed his commentary, be it rugby or the Olympics.

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Nice from Brian Moore:

Screenshot 2022-09-15 at 19.27.43

Gosh. Thursdays are quite bleak currently.


A bit like Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays :thinking::joy::joy:


One of those iconic voices. Always a pleasure to listen to.

Brian Moore’s comments have got to me a bit. The note of regret


Very sad. He’ll be greatly missed.

My son ascended from near sea level towards Manchu Picchu in his twenties. He was fit. They ascended too quickly and he experienced altitude sickness. You have to descend. They got to MP in the end.

I’m not saying this happened as Eddie had a guide.



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