Editing Flac Tags

After my move to a NUC I need to edit the tags in appx 1500 albums.
I previously had my albums stored in 2 locations and to differentiate between the 2 I have put a * at the start of the album name (in 1 location) in the tag. Like this…
Is there a way to remove this * from multiple albums, keeping the (different) album name intact, in one hit or do I have to go through and edit each album individually.
Any help appreciated.

MP3tag has decent scripting functions that should allow you to do this.

Thanks, I’ll give it a go.

Metadatics on Mac

I’ve had a play in MP3Tag this morning. It’s definetly possible.

The easiest way seems to be to use the Convert option from the menu and chose Tag -Tag. This allows you to preview the results.

Chose the TITLE field in the Field dropdown and enter $cutleft(%Title%,1) in the Format string box. This will remove the first character leaving the rest as is.

Test on a small number of tracks to start with. Then choose your root directory and let MP3Tag scann it. Sort your Title field and it will then allow you to select all the tracks beginning with a * in one go (click the first one, scroll down and Shift-Click to select the last.

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Thanks. I did it slightly differently by creating an ‘action’ and removing the 1st character. Same end result and all sorted now. Thanks for the heads up. Your method would have been much easier if I had found it. :joy::joy:
Mp3tag looks like a useful piece of software. I normally use dbpoweramp but it has nowhere near the flexibility of mp3tag if you want to do something out of the ordinary. :+1: Thanks again.

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dBpoweramp is as good as it gets for a single album edit - most of the time.
Something extra such as the work required in this threads subject & in my case personal preference, Mp3tag is the tool for all occasions - & thanks for this thread, I learnt something new.
And just in case peeps think this is all about FLAC editing, no, it apples to all formats, including .wav (yes .wav does have easily editable metadata attached) .alac, aiff, plus etc’s for all the other many lossless & lossy formats

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