EE8 position in rack advice please

Wondering where it’s best to sit my new ee8 switch. I have space on the bottom shelf of my rack next to hicap and I can either put the switch there or innuos zen mk1 . The ee8 has a wallwart and the zen a brick smps so which is the least harmful electrically to the naim gear? The ee8 at the moment is behind tv and the zen is in the tv rack (quadraspire) too at the other side of the room
Pics for ref

Personally I would keep both of them away from the HiFi, and preferably on a different mains socket.


I take it that you have a few networked items plug into the EE8 which then connects across to the ND5XS2 ? If so I’d probably leave it as it is. Mine sits on a separate rack using the standard C stream cable to connect to the NDX2 and powered via the house ring.

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The ee8 only feeds the Nd5xs2 and innuos with a Cisco doing the rest…

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I’d probably leave it as is then.

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Mine is on the same Fraim shelf as my HiCapDR (separated as far as possible). Probably better further separated but I’m very happy where it is currently.

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Made my own solution keeping it on the side hidden from the front.


This is what I did. I realize that most cannot do this, but ideally I feel it is optimal if one can make an effort to get it as close to this as possible. Otherwise, it seems the answers given are good ones…leave it as-is.

Thanks all - shuffled tv rack and now to sort mains out as a rats nest of smps psu’s behind there

@Hifi-dog Hi, what product (glass shelve) are you using under the Naim boxes?

I have a sheet of fraim glass on naim cups n balls under the supernait and a tempered tinted glass from eBay again on Naim cups n balls for the Nd5xs2. Nice little uplift in clarity on the isoblue


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