Eero Mesh & Naim App Issues


Replaced my Google mesh with the Eero mesh last night. Naim app won’t connect to my ND555 now. I’ve updated both the app and the firmware on the streamer. (iPad) I rebooted both devices. I can get internet radio to play via the front panel star button, so it’s connected to the internet.

Also… I’ve tried connecting the streamer as a new device by holding the play and remote home button. Nothing happens.


Security settings problem

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Can you elaborate? I’m not so techie.

Have a read at this article it explains how to check it generically. I presume you’ve logged into your new mesh system now your old one

I would restart everything including router and switches. My guess is an ip address conflict. Perhaps the eero doesn’t match with what came before, so your phone is looking for eg 192.168.1.nnn devices and it’s now 192.168.178.nnn. I speak from experience!

Is your (ISP supplied?) router functioning as DHCP server for your LAN?
Unless they have changed recently, Google Mesh did not allow you to disable its DHCP server (probably no surprise there, Google would never pass by an opportunity for more data harvesting, but I digress) so you either had to disable the server on your main router, or run two servers which inevitably caused IP address clashes.

Now that you are free of the Google devices my guess is that Robert’s suggestion of a full network restart would resolve this. In fact, just a router restart may be enough.
Do make sure that you have identified that one, and only one of your LAN devices is now functioning as DHCP server.

Thanks. I restarted the modem, router and switch. No luck.

I recently had the entire system rebuilt. I have a call into them (also are my Naim dealer) in hopes they can sort it out. (They encouraged me to ditch the Google and replace with Eero.)

Naim devices generally seem to retain any settings, cached data, etc in the digital equivalent of Fort Knox and then throw away the key, and it seems that you have to jump through a few hoops to get them to recognise changes elsewhere.
I suspect that resetting your streamer to factory settings and then setting it up from scratch as a new device may be required.

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Will I loose my presets and Qobuz playlists?

Performed the factory reset on the ND555. No change, Naim app does not connect.

I use Eero mesh and have no issues at all with my Nova. At the risk of telling you something you know, do you have the Eero app on your phone? There are a lot of security and privacy settings in there, ways to hide, show, block and allow certain devices on the network, etc. You should be able to see whether your Naim is being recognized by the network and whether it is connected or not in the Eero app by scrolling down to see what devices are listed. Are you connecting via hardwire from the closest Eero, or are you using wifi? Is it possible that your Naim app and your ND555 are on different networks? Or 2.4GHz vs. 5GHz? Just things I would check in addition to the Naim app and settings.

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The ND555 is connected to the network via Ethernet. I do not use wi-fi on the streamer. Looking at the Eero app on my iPhone I do not see ND555, but that’s not a surprise since it is not on the wi-fi network.

Thanks for the advice… I’m sure there’s a mystery setting somewhere that makes it all work.

A network is a network, it shoukd nake no difference whether any individual device is connected to it wirelessly or wired. Again, I’m wondering whether the Eero devices are trying to run their own network rather than extending the network run by your router.
Do you know which devices have a DHCP server running?

Here’s what the app shows on the network besides our laptops.

Is that view of the Eero mesh or your router? Your ND555 doesn’t appear to be on the list.

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Screen shot from Eero app.

No, the ND555 does not appear on the list. Any suggestions on how to add it?

In addition to the Eero stuff, do you also have a router to which the ND555 is connected rather than wiring it to an Eero device? If so I am guessing that this router has its own list of devices which are connected to its network. To do this it has a bit of software called a DHCP server. This allocates each device an IP address, which is a number that usually starts 192.168……

If your phone has been given an IP address by Eero, but the streamer has been given one by the router, this could be why one cannot see the other.

The solution is usually to make sure that only one DHCP server is running so that all devices are controlled by just one, then they can discover each other.

If you can set your router to bridge mode then connect the ND555 Ethernet cable to one of your Eero devices that should do it.

I’m making a few assumptions about your network setup here, so apologies if I’m barking up the wrong tree!

Do you have a M1 chipped Mac by any chance? The Naim App can be installed there too. If so you can connect via ethernet (disable wifi on mac) and see if it’s a wifi only problem. Or if you have a ethernet dongle for your iPad you can use that.

That would also be my guess.

I have a Chord EE switch next to the ND555. Perhaps I need to reboot it?