Ekos Alternatives for LP12

Given my leaning toward dynamism and maximum-boogie, I have seen no need to change my Ekos 1 for many years. Every uni-pivot I have heard had a magical midrange, but less of what I least want to lose. However…

I have been reading about the Supatrac, which looks an interesting design. At £1500, it looks to cost nearly twice what my old Ekos would probably fetch, but a third of an Ekos SE’s new price.

Has anyone else actually heard this thing? All comments gratefully received.

Also, have a few more people now heard a Kendo? I have a Krystal versus Kendo versus ? battle coming for next year…

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Interesting Nick as i went from an Ekos 1 to an Aro and never looked back. That Supatrac is a fascinating design and approach though. Keep us informed!

If I were to have a non Linn arm on a LP12 (I have two LP12s, one with Ekos SE and one Aro) I would love to try an Audio Origami PU7. I have that arm on my Palmer TT and it is a joy to assemble, adjust and use. It also sounds wonderful. Very well made with that ”precision feel” that the Ekos SE also has.


Nick, you are talking about your Ekos but what is your phonostage? Your Linn looks pretty sorted to me, so I’m wondering if the phonostage could give you more ‘boogie’.

SME arms used to be considered the dogs’ doodahs until the Linn and Naim arms came along to supplant them. Have any of them regained the respect that they used to command?. They always used to look spectacularly well engineered (and, yes, I know that this doesn’t necessarily translate into sound).

I have read recently of Syrinx arms being revived, although they always had a reputation (how well founded I don’t know) for being difficult to set up and then drifting out of sync in use.

Sadly I think SME now only sell their arms bundled with turntables, so it’s the 2nd hand market only.


Yes, thank you, Eoink, I remember that now that you remind me.

An odd decision, on the face of it, but if they’re selling all the stuff that they can make, that’s fairy nuff, I suppose.

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As I understand it, the Audio Origami arm is related to the Syrinx.

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I have a Superline fed from my 52 (slightly better than a dedicated Hicap IME, less good than a dedicated SCDR or so I am told).

I also have CDS II and NDX2/ XPSDR, and the current LP sound certainly doesn’t lack for foot-tapping fun and involvement versus those inputs.

I have heard a Rega Aura and vaguely remember being fairly impressed, but not enough to investigate further.

Back on arms, @graham55 - I have heard and been impressed by the SME V - on other TTs. Magnificent engineering or not, I am not sure they suit an LP12, perhaps due to sheer mass - I have seen (not heard) LP12s with SME arms, but next time I saw them either the TT or the arm had gone.

It looks to me as if there is no plan to offer a proper lift-lower device on the Supatrac. That may kill the idea for me, as I have no wish for a tiny sherry or momentary distraction to lead to a stylus disaster.

However, I am aware that Symbiosis fit a lift-lower device to LP12s with Aros, and it may be possible to use one of those. Any Aro owners out there who can comment?


I have the Audio Origami PU7 on my LP12.
Very nice combination. It isnt too heavy,so suits the Linn well.

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Nick - I know of at least 2 dealers who can demonstrate the Vertere arms on a Linn. Haven’t heard myself but worth a listen I’d suggest.

Yes, Cymbiosis have adapted and reconfigured an Audio Origami (I think) armlift, which they call The Lifter, and can be fitted to an LP12 with the Keel/A subchassis. I discussed this on a recent thread with Peter Swain of Cymbiosis - you should be able to find it using the Search facility here. Apparently it requires the hollowing out of a ‘dimple’ (or whatever it’s called) on the armboard section of the Keel/A.

I shall be asking Audio T in Brighton to get one in to be fitted to my LP12 as soon as I escape my current loony bin.

I don’t know how easily The Lifter could fit to any other armboard, but no doubt Cymbiosis will provide the gen.

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I thought it was Rega based…? Search is not helping me…

I really have no idea, Ian, and the Search facility isn’t working properly on my Mac, so I can’t check for previous posts.

I have had an exchange with Peter Swain about The Lifter on these boards within the last week or 10 bays. If you use ‘Audio T Brighton’ in your search, that may help you to track it down. Sorry that I can’t help further.

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It’s here:


Thank you. Well Done… :grin:

It is Rega based…!!

Yes, well done and thank you. My memory is not what it was, sadly…

And my current alien environment is helping in any way. Effing place driving me mad, actually, but that’s another matter entirely.

Locking up not good for human beans.


Profile update maybe :wink:

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There are lots of things that may be worth a listen, sadly, even if I only think about LP as a source.

Arms? Supertrac at £1500 (I am assuming my Ekos is worth just over half that).
AO PU7 - £2800-ish
Vertere SG-1 - £2300
RB3000 - £1200-ish
Aro - ???
Any more?

As with all these discussions, I am quite happy with what I am listening to now and I have changed lots already in the last year or two. However, if I come across a way of potentially hearing quite a bit more music for not much cash, I’ll always be interested. VFM?

My Krystal is over 5 years old - it’s ok so far, but probably won’t get through 2023. A new one is £1400 before trade-in, a Kendo is twice that (just more than a Kleos SL), and a Kandid is £3800 (which is a lot of £)

I have a Kore, but could swap to Keel (or TA Phoenix or Stack). Stack is cheap, but the others aren’t.

I have a standard (but not from the 80s) Linn top plate. A TA Karmen is £1400, and highly regarded by most, while a Stack Alto is £550 (but hard to hear)…

That makes me think spending a net £700 on changing my Ekos could be sensible if the upgrade is anything like as big as some suggest and we can sort out the lift-lower issue. A PU-7 or SG-1 would cost a lot more in net outlay.

At the moment, my best guess is that I will get a new Krystal and a Karmen (for the same cost as a Kendo or Kleos SL). Or I may jus get Kendo/ Kleos and keep my plate.

I also guess that I will keep my Kore, whether I not I change the arm for a sub-£1000 net cost. Even if the arm is good, it may still have less impact than a Kore-to-Keel switch, but then that costs a lot more to do.

I think all that means looking at this arm is not a daft misallocation of time and money - if it sounds markedly better than an Ekos 1 and if there is a lift-lower solution (probably adapting the Cymbiosis Lifer), it could be a good Buy.

However, if others who have been down this road think any of the above suggests concussion/ senility, I’ll be happy to listen to reasons.


Never heard or tried an SME/LP12 but I’m pretty sure they were once regarded as not a good match in engineering terms

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