Ekos SE torque settings

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Does anyone know the torque setting for the bolt on the side of the armboard mount that secures the Ekos SE tonearm? I have a pdf from Linn showing how to take off and attach the arm, but they suggest the force should be measured by the bend of the allen key shaft. I’d prefer a torque setting if anyone has that information. Any recommendations on torque for the cartridge bolts too?


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Think that’s a question for some like @Cymbiosis.

I’m sure he’ll know.

The bending, or flexing of a hex key must have many variables, brand, length, tempering.
The home of torquing an LP12 (not sure if we can name it here?) gives a range of 1.5 Nm to 2 Nm with 1.6 preferred. Then seems to suggest that you must use a specific wrench to do so.

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Thanks catswhiskers for the information I’ve got a torque wrench

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