Elac Debut speakers with Naim

I’m thinking about getting a cheap pair of Elac Debut bookshelf speakers from Amazon for a bedroom system with a Nait 3. Most likely source is Chord Mojo. The various models have many positive reviews, but none from Naim owners (as far as I can tell).

Can any Forum members speak to the sound quality and synergy with Naim?

From time to time I have run the original B5 Debut model driven by a V1/100 Naim combo. It sounds great, excellent synergy. An amazing value at roughly $225. They do deserve decent stands.


I’ve the 310CE and wouldn’t have any other make going forward, 4ohm/86dB which is typical for the range but 200 has more than enough juice. Looking at Vela BS 403 if can confirm compatibility with LS 70 stands as for synergy with NAIM stuff, no worries, it’s great

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