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Hi Naim comunity,
please apologies if I write basic English and therefore would appreciate basic answers concerning the language. :wink: Thx

I have an SN3 and a Rega Planar 6 and Bluesound Node 3 playing.

Now have the chance to purchase used Elac speakers which seem to be old but are said to still be unique.

Due to I am no professional I would like to know if they would match with my setup.

My living room is about 35 m2 and I would sit about 3-4 meters in front of them.

Thank you for your opinions to this speakers.

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Elac is one of the brands, like so many, that are mostly limited to some countries, Germany in this case. They are well regarded here as a brand.

This model was a very good speaker in its time. In particular the 360 degree ribbon tweeter was very special and was said to provide a big stage and precise imaging. To work, it needs at least 75 cm to the wall behind the speaker, however, and the more space to the sides, the better. You have a good room size, so I guess you may be able to provide this.

Whether their sound characteristics meld well with the SN3, who knows, you have to listen. Based on the specs, the SN3 should have no problem driving them.

Thanks a lot for your appreciated info to this. I am. They would cost me about +/- 1.000€ and I also would have the Falcon Aria 936 or even 948 on my list - well, they would cost me more then double but brand new.

This Elac ones seem to be at least 10-15 years old I guess - you think?

Of course always good to try at home and listen but always hard to get it done. ;-(

Thanks a lot and best regards,

I don’t know how long they were produced, but apparently have been on the market since the 90ies. But speakers live for decades, and many people on the forum still love, e.g., old Naim speakers. If you google for elac 213 - 4pi test, you can find several test reports in German. In one of these, they were compared with B&W Matrix 804, not a bad speaker. At the time they were not cheap, around 5300 DM for the pair, so 2600 Euro plus inflation.

I guess you mean Focal, not Falcon :slight_smile: I haven’t heard the Arias, but didn’t like the Kanta and Sopra. But tastes vary, and others here like the Aria. @airedog uses them with a Naim Nova and loves them.

Difficult to say, but 1000 for the Elac does not seem to be a bargain unless they are “new”. You can sell them if not liked, but there’s a used pair on eBay for 1200, and 4 pairs on eBay-Kleinanzeigen, 3 for 1000-1300 and one for 500, so who knows how much you may be able to sell them for. But as the one pair can be had for 500 …

Some opinions about Aria and SN2 here:

THANK you very much for your support helping me a lot to decide.
As far as I have read the test etc I am almost ready to just get them - seems to be a fair pricing.

As you said nowadays should not be an issue to sell them if I want to.

Yes, Focal of course :smiley: - need to hear them running because haven’t yet.

Thanks a lot and have a good evening

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Glad it helped, and good luck! Maybe it’s the jackpot :slight_smile: I still find that ribbon tweeter intriguing.

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