Elac Vela Fs409

Hi everyone,

I wonder if you guys have heard the fs409s from Elac.

I have been looking for a new pair of speakers for around a year now(for a new apartment). At home my parents own two pairs of B&W 8 series paired with McIntosh integrated. While the clarity is stunning, I found them to be a bit dull and harsh. Most of the music I listen to are Asian and Western pop with a lot of vocals, and I wanted my speakers to have pronounced vocals and good imaging. Apart form these, I also want them to be exciting and muscular in sound without being too harsh. I finally came down to the Vela series from Elac and the Evoke series from Dynaudio(I did my research mostly online due to the pandemic).

I ordered the FS409s(still waiting) from a local dealer after a short demo. During the demo, the two pairs of speakers were paired with a Simaudio 340i integrated and a Simaudio streamer. Compared to the Evoke series, I found that the Elacs might have a bit more vocal(vocals are more forward) and separation, while the Dynaudios were more laid back.

After I got home, however, I was surprised to find out that there were no reviews or comments online about the Elac Velas no matter where I look. I couldn’t even find out when this product was launched😂. It seems like the Velas are not popular at all among the HIFI circles. Therefore, I am a bit nervous about my decision.

If any of you have hear these speakers, I wonder what is your opinion on them. Most likely I will pair them with the Supernait 3 and the ND5XS2.

Thank You very much for reading through my wordy post🙏🏻.

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