Elbow - Live at The Ritz

After a number of postponements of their 2020 tour, this release has been wonderful entertainment, and really good sound quality. It’s an acoustic recording of both newer and some older tracks, and unlike many live albums the inter-track banter stands up to several re-hearings. A silver lining to everything!

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Great album isn’t it, I added it to the Best live albums music thread the other day.

And in the thread I just created showing a video of my system I had it in and recommended it.

Do you have your system in the system pics thread, reading what you have, I am sure many including myself would love to see it!?

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I will try to put up some pics, if I can figure out the tech! Is there an explanation somewhere of how to do it?

Using a smartphone to take the photos easiest. Then on the reply, just press the image that I have circled in yellow and it will ask to take photo or upload from library than that is it.

When you do it, you won’t see the image in your reply but it will come up with strange wording in brackets.

Don’t alter the stuff in the brackets and then you can do the same again for as many photos as you like.

I started listening to this last night and have had it playing in the background whilst working today. Great recommendation.


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Nice one. I like this too


Really good. Love the studio album but this is a great addition!

This is the definitive recording of ssk imho

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Just listening to it for the first time. I think you could be right!

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