Electrical discharge when turning off the amp

When I moved my second system into our flat in the south of France the sockets in the livingroom had no earth pin, the ones in the kitchen, bathroom and the one on the balcony did however and the cable run to the balcony passed the back of the livingroom socket, the live and neutral were connected en route but the earth just ran past it. There was enough slack that it could join its comrades in breaking its journey at a replacement earthed socket.
I took the opportunity to cut the tip off a large screw that had come through from the neighbouring flat and was protruding over an inch into the cavity where the wires passed, they got lucky there, it now has a plastic cap on what’s left of it.

In dry weather touching the cuing lever on my tone arm has quite an alarming effect so I try to remember to discharge myself on a power supply case first, sometimes with an audible crack.

The factory was made fully ESD compliant when Naim started making AV kit. The AV2 digital boards were found to be particularly susceptible to electrostatic damage.

The problem with the foot straps was that you would often forget you had one on and head home in the evening and realise once you got there that you still had the strap on your shoe. No wonder Naim was getting through so many straps! The boot of my car was usually full of them and every few weeks or so I’d bring back an armful.


@Mike-B I can only agree

@frenchrooster good idea and not only for listening to music! :joy: Now I want that for my slippers!

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