Electrical Interference Issue

Hello guys.
Last few weeks I am dealing with the issue on the topic tittle.
More specific when I switch on & off the switch of the toilet fan & the switch of the kitchen light I hear from the speakers the electrical signal.
Yesterday I installed a dedicated line for the system but problem still remains.
I am starting to get crazy…
Really don’t know what else to do.
Any help is really appreciated.

What country are you in?

Greece mate

It’s difficult to say anything without knowing details of the installation. Are you living in a solitary house or an apartment block? Did anything change a few weeks ago?

I suppose for the cost, I would start by changing the light switch, in case there is some arcing occurring. It could also be an issue wit the appliances, say if they have got damp. After that, you are probably going to need an electrician to carry out a test of the circuit

As others have said, I would check the switches are recent and are not arcing… but not convinced that is the issue…

You may want to get an electrician in and check your earth and neutral feed to the consumer box…
If you have tried a dedicated mains radial to your Hi-Fi… it feels like it could be more in this area.

There are also in line power EMI filters available that your electrician could wire into your fan and lightning circuits if still at a loss. They are quite inexpensive … devices upto 10 amps 220 volts are around £15.


Ya Sou Yaggoz, can you describe the noise a little more; when you switch the fan is it a single ‘pop’, or a continuous noise. Also what type of light is the kitchen, if its a florescent is the noise when its flickering & trying to start or just the one ‘pop’

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Γειά σου φίλε (=hello friend) Mike-B & everyone.
The noise in both occassions is an instant single pop,not a continuous noise.
In case of the kitchen light is more electrical.
Yes the kitchen light type is florescent & it does the noise either when you switch it on & off.
Hope this helps.

OK that helps
Both the fan & the fluorescent lamp are reactive (magnetic) loads & have capacitors & I suspect the noise is from an arc (spark) inside the switch’s.
The first thing I would do is replace the switches, old (& cheap) switches can make/break slowly, a new switch will make/break fast & arcing should not happen. But please go for a good quality make/brand, I don’t know what’s available in Greece but look at the amp rating, its important with the fan load especially, avoid 5 amp, 10 amp is OK, 20 amp is better.
You can also add a contact suppressor across the switch, these can be found in specialist suppliers & are typically 0.1uF, 100R. But these days with modern fast switches, they are not normally required.
If new switches does not solve it, then you need to call in an electrician to investigate a possible problem in your house wiring.

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