Electro/techno suggestions

As early as 1985 Magic Juan Atkins under the name Model 500 was recording and releasing quite primitive techno tracks. Great early video.

Apart from his producing and remixing work with Derrick May and Kevin Saunderson in 1987 I didn’t hear of Juan’s Model 500 project until three years after No UFO’s when he released the brilliant The Chase.

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Juan Atkins releases as Model 500 carried on until 2012 getting more and more electronic and for me personally it all became a bit heavy but I know he has retained a big following.

Carl Craigs BFC - Galaxy

My Techno claim to fame is seeing Dave Clarke almost weekly through 1988 at Riks Records in Portslade he’s not my cup of tea musically and would never have dreamed who would go on to be ‘The Baron of Techno’ (named by John Peel). Good luck to him.

I agree. Have seen him quite often around 2000 at dancevalley, lowlands etc. On each occasion mostly a big box of noise. But that double cd “world service”, just wow. When I heard the radiohead remix on cd2 in the record shop I simply had to buy it.

Within context. Techno was always a chill out genre.

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If you are interested in the origins of this genre and have a spare hour then this is an interesting discussion or if you can still get a hold of it the BBC documentary on House music from last year was also very good.

An English twist on the Detroit sound from the excellent Altern 8

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Early Shades of Rhythm

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Heard this first at Nicky Holloway’s The Trip club night at The Astoria Charing Cross 1988.


My favourite record of this (1988) year by about a million miles was Hot Lemonade by A Guy Called Gerald. It did have a couple of non starters but here are the best. English Techno at it’s best.

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