Embarrassing question re 32.5 - update - thank you for the help

Only owned this since new! Had to unplug the 32.5 for 30 mIns and now setting up again. This will sound ridiculous but which goes in the top connection (red or black) . School boy error for not making a mental note! The cable is coming from a lingo 1 so basically an earth (even i can work that one out :slight_smile: and the red and black connector

Thank you from the muppet in Devon!

Think they are just marked ch1 and 2 rather than left and right. I’d put red in the lower socket.

Thank you i was worried i may blow something if i got it wrong!

Agreed. Red (right) is the lower socket.


Thanks, i had a muppet moment !

Channel 1 is left: it’s a sound engineer standard. Therefore black to CH1.

Thank you

Red… is always Right… So, Black is Left…!


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