Emergency.....help required

I’m trying to set my Superuniti WiFi (I’ve just acquired it) but my WiFi password has an ‘underscore’ ie _ in it and I cannot for the life of me find the key on the remote control to give me that symbol.

Can someone please help???

Guys… Scroll down. I’m now connected to the network but have another question.

Trying to find the Superuniti in the Naim app (I’m already using a ND5XS streamer) there’s a few options… Mu-so, uniti, and my ND5XS etc but not a Superuniti… How do I add it folks??



Maybe you could change your password.

You might be better off changing your password!

Then, once you’ve logged in, get an Ethernet cable :smirk:

That depends on how many other devices are connected to the Wi-Fi network, could be a pain if there’s a dozen or more

Yeah I thought about that but then I have to reset three phones, a TV and an ND5XS (used in my main system) a laptop, central heating controller and the fridge!

Is there just no key available for this…surely not.

What about the 1 key, does that not scroll through a variety of characters?

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Okay guys I have a Google mesh WiFi which allows multiple accounts so I added a another guest network with a sensible new password so it’s connected to the WiFi. So I already have the Naim app loaded on my phone (I’m using an ND5XS downstairs but when I press add a room there’s no option for a Superuniti…a few others but not that🤔 What do do folks.

And I will ultimately be using ethernet just that my patch cable hasn’t arrived.

Thanks for you responses it’s really appreciated.


Yeah it does scroll through a few but not _ :confused:

The manual says something about the up and down keys scrolling through available letters, does that include special characters too?

Its likey assigned it a different subnet so the Naim app cant see it as it wont traverse different subnets.

So are you saying that as my ND5XS is connected to my Primary network and the Superuniti to a guest network the Naim App I have for controlling the ND5XS is just not seeing the ‘guest’ network??? I’ve got a feeling it night be easier to reset the ND5XS to look for the guest network then!? Re-load the Naim app …start again!?

Aaaagh…it’s almost like the frustration I get with IT in general lol

Yes, you would have to connect your phone to the guest network too.

I just changed the main WiFi network password…half an hour of changing all our devices to re connect and problem solved. I’m never going to use an ‘_’ symbol in a password again haha.
My only issue now is my pixel 3 bluetooth doesn’t seem to be able to find the Superuniti!? I would have thought it would be defaulted to be switched on but maybe not🤔

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You can easily check if it’s switched on by going into setup in the app and look under “Input settings”. Also you need to have the external Bluetooth antenna screwed into the socket on the back of the SuperUniti.

Incidentally it’s worth checking the firmware version for the SuperUniti too. 4.7 is the latest version.



All good now…just had to change the bluetooth pairing setting to open.

Brought this Superuniti last Friday from a dealer, a pre-covid trade-in and a very late serial number model.

He had already checked it’s running 4.7 firmware so all good now. Connected to WiFi and Bluetooth paired with our phones.

I take everyone’s points about running on WiFi. I have a fully networked house with dual Cat 5e points in every room so have ordered a quality patch cable to hard wire it to the network.

That said I use a Google mesh WiFi and I have to say it’s brilliant. Device speed checks anywhere in the house (it’s fairly large 260sq m) with three ‘pods’ gives 60-65mbps. That’s the measured speed through the wall into the router so zero loss (as far as I can see).

I have been using my ND5XS streamer downstairs wirelessly for a couple of years with no problems at all (it’s in our orangery…the only room when we built the house we didn’t network). So I don’t know what all the fuss is about!?

I’m actually listening to ‘Five-a-side’ by the band Ace as I type this…playing on Tidal on my pixel 3 phone over Bluetooth to the streamer … Sounds great.

Seriously wondering if this bedroom set-up (Superuniti plus a pair of Acoustic Energy AE1’s) isn’t just going to replicated downstairs…flogging the multiple Naim boxes I have to save complexity and space (not that space is actually an issue).

Cheers. Gaz

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