EMF Hygiene

You can actually hire EMF Meters in the UK, a web search will give you some UK companies). You get a good quality meter and don’t have the capital outlay. We hired a couple of meters when we purchased our current house just to check on EMF levels in and out of the house.

Have a BT Broadband hub always on but with the wifi signal on the actual hub permanently turned off. From this we have a BT wifi disc attached via cable as the source point for out home wifi disc system This and also the auxiliary discs are all turned off at night.

Radio and touch lamps in bedroom also turned off at night. We also don’t have a smart meter and continue to refuse one as long as will be possible.

If you live near major power cables you can get an (expensive) film to cover the glass windows of your bedroom etc but I have no idea if this works or is just another EMF product rip off.

I have a problem with the term EMF Radiation. EM Radiation yes - Electro Magnetic Radiation.

EMF is Electro Magnetic Force (relevant to Motors & Generators, mainly) - or Electro Magnetic Field - which is what I think is meant here.

Another TLA is use here is EMC - Electro Magnetic Comparability. This is very relevant to our Hifi equipment. Such as when a Phono Preamp picks up noise or Radio Moscow. This is EMI - Electro Magnetic Interference. Which can be conducted (so via the wires connected to the equipment) or transmitted (so via the air to the equipment). At the same time, the equipment itself is also also putting out EMI - again via its wires and via the air.

I am confident that Naim carry out (or have done for them), EMC testing of all their equipment, as a new design - or when significantly modified. So you should be confident that your Naim amp will not interfere with other things - or be interfered with by other things.

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In the real domestic world EMF is fairly harmless, yes a good idea to avoid unnecessary exposure, & as Simon says, with children more so & not allowing such items in the bedroom has more worthwhile benefits besides EMF.

But whilst I find all this EMF scare mongering a bit laughable, thinking of the anti 5G brigade especially, I am reminded about my experiences when working with radar.
Its a no-no to get close to a transmitting radar antenna, but we were all cast iron indestructible in our yoof & I got quite sick once, yes I mean vomiting sick & it proved the point to me, never again.
But fear not, radar transmitting power is in another world compared to your cell phones.

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Electromagnetic compliance for consumer electronics, certainly in Japan, EU, UK and US is quite a restrictive area… and yes it is more about consumer devices interoperating with each other and not causing interfering in established use cases. The current regs are slightly weaker than they used to be… but are effective in my opinion… they don’t address the possible and likely health impacts… those are covered by different regulations primarily owned by the UN(WHO)

Yes Naim will need to ensure their products meet the EMC regs for the markets they sell into… but I suspect Naim go far beyond that… but it does mean they can be interfered with other conformant devices in terms of full performance potential, … hence the usual guidance in the instructions… and indeed practice bears this out with for example the effects of cheap compliant switch mode powersupplies.

Indeed, and of course our domestic microwaves use a magnetron inside (high power microwave radio transmitter, not dissimilar to radar transmitters)… and look how effective that is at heating water… and it is the same frequency band plan as wifi… it’s a lot to do with power and how it is used.

It’s quite easy to distort and warp information… it’s like saying all cars should be avoided because there a few road accidents.

That is also part of EMC testing. The effects on the device from external sources.

The word ‘conformant’ is key, though. Your 9 years old Fridge may have conformed when new but does it still do now…? Its also likely that older appliances met lower (but then current) regulations - and may not meet today’s EMC regs.

Its a Minefield… :thinking:

Oh yes but only when they operate with the EMC immunity tolerance…
I was once part of a legal lobby group with Ofcom in this field… which did end up with the EU … and effectively we were out lobbied in the EU parliament by some of the consumer electronics bodies… who wanted the requirements weakened so as to reduce costs to consumers, and they won… and guess what there was surge of cheap Powerline adapters and similar devices then flooded onto the EU markets… it was an eye opener to me of how industrial lobbying works.
The WHO angle at that time was only starting to gain ground on long term exposure health impacts of wide bandwidth, very low power exposure to EM fields.

Stay out of the sun.

Also, donate your hard-earned money to Vortex Hifi. They prefer to have it

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Ahh that is ionising radiation which is different… indeed be careful in strong sun light… sun cream helpful, EM radiation is mostly non ionising

The subject was “electromagnetic field” :slight_smile:
(Edit: And as you said, sun light is the most dangerous electromagnetic field in everyday life)


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