Emily Barker

…will be online from her home, playing her latest album, “A Dark Murmuration of Words” on her Youtube channel this evening at 20:00, UK time.


Good tip suzywong. I had not realised this was out,
I really like Emily’s style, folk, blues, melodic.
Looking around the usual vendors I found a surprise.
Benchmark was the CD price Amazon have it for £10.99 (GPB)
Qobuz have it in 24/96 @ £9.99 & 16/44 @ £7.49
HRA is £14.80
Not sure how £ vs € & $ works out
I just grabbed a hi-res Qobuz before they change the price


I’ve ordered it on those small silvery disc thingies. Should should arrive today or tomorrow, but as I bought it through Bandcamp, I can download it at 24-96.

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What does the vinyl completist do, black, white, green and that is just from Rough Trade.

A very enjoyable album. Just listening to it via Qobuz.

You can buy the high res, with longer unedited tracks, from Bandcamp for £8.40, with far more going to the artist. I’m looking forward to listening to it.

Just listening to Bandcamp download - beautiful album.

if one buys the CD via bandcamp then one gets the 24-96 as a freebie wav download

Too late HH, I like what I’ve got whatever.

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