Emptying the NS01

Hi David,

I did as you suggested in the ‘Help with Naim Uniti Core’ thread on my NS01 yesterday. I deleted all albums in the Music folder (and then the Recycle folder) and all in the Downloads folder, with the exception of the free Naim Records HiRes download, Best of British. I then ripped Sampler 1 to the Music folder. Hence, there are now just two albums on the main E:\ drive, one in each parent folder.

I then did a FULL backup to the internal backup G:\ drive, but it only took three minutes, so I suspect it just copied Sampler 1 to the backup (I don’t think I’d ripped it previously). I cannot believe that 2,000 albums were deleted in just three minutes. Unfortunately, despite a search of the DTC, I cannot see any way to view the contents of the G:\ drive. As I said in the open forum, I’m not too worried about this. I have done my best to remove all files.

As for the Core, it is a great piece of kit. I’d say it even sounds a bit better than the NS01, being a little more refined, lifting the sound forward of the speakers. The only issue I had was that in order to enable the app to see both the downloads and music folders, I had to reset the database, which messed up the metadata on 100s of albums. Still, at least it’s relatively easy to edit in the app.

As always, thanks for the advice you have given me, David. It is very much appreciated.

Best regards,

Interesting. I wonder why you couldn’t just see both music and downloads folders. Anyway glad it’s all sorted. Enjoy!

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