End of a journey - Dynaudio Heritage Specials - a matter of context

Not sure that is usual: I think a single settee is more common than two, with number of chairs variable, and these days many houses don’t have fireplaces, while lot of people seem to eschew carpets and curtains. As for the “etc”, people might or might not have bookcases and/or LP/CD racks lining walls, and there might be a TV hanging on the wall, or sitting on a large media unit. So just saying “usual” conveyed nothing meaningful

I have reached the stage where I too am very happy :smiley::smiley::smiley: with my system .

It plays acoustic very well as it does with spoken word, some classical and the odd jazz session on R3HD is amazing.

The system is pared down for items and maxes out on a sound per pound basis. It is my end system or so I thought :thought_balloon:.

If I move , then it will be into a flat, that brings up the thorny question of how I listen to the system , so I would say that the end system of today may need changing as our circumstances and health changes

I think you have described it better than me. It may be a high quality performance from the system, a very good sound but after listening to it every day for years (weeks in your case :joy:), that high quality sound has somewhat turned to “normal” or boring.

I suppose it’s just a case of curiosity about how other gear/speakers will sound although one may be perfectly happy with the current system.

Whilst I recognise the process of getting used to the sound and it becoming normal, forgettimg the old, I’ve never got bored with it - I forget the “sound” and simply listen to the music - and that can be as boring or stimulating as one wants. Perhaps I am lucky and that is just my psyche (I have never been “the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence” kind of guy), or perhaps my choices of hifi gear in my progression over the decades have somehow just suited my sound preference.

If as a person you are easily bored, always wanting something new, then there is probably nothing that would actually keep you satisfied, and the answer might be to have a collection of so many components that every month or so you change to a different combination, keeping enough kit for numerous permutations, and periodically swap out any piece that consistently doesn’t give you even a couple of weeks of satisfaction. But if normally you are not easily bored and constantly wanting change, this being unique to hifi, perhaps the answer is either find a new style of music(!), or ditch all your kit and go out to find something completely different, pointedly not buying anything you have previously had, maybe no brands you have previously had (but remain on this forum to report!).

Like most on here, I’m less than brilliant at conveying what I hear in words. But Jonathan Gorse of this parish runs ATC with Naim and has reviewed them together in Soundstage. As a professional reviewer he is much better at describing what he hears than I am, so might be worth a read. Similarly Jason Kennedy’s review of 272 with active ATC SCM 40s in HiFi+ could be worth a look. Interestingly, the suggestion for reviewing that combination came from Salisbury.

We all hear things differently, but those guys at least have some expertise in putting their listening experiences into words.


I have heared 808 and 606 with only a few days in between. They share very similar sound characteristics to my ears

Confidence 20’s on a Vitus RI-101-2 here. The HS’s do sound lovely but the bass port arrangement and the looks of the 20’s swung it in favour of the extra expense.

It is a marvellous pairing :grinning:

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I use my hi-fi to exercise my musical curiosity not the other way around.

My philosophy is to have the same attitude to “stuff” (cars, motorcycles, hi-fi, golf equipment etc, etc) as I do to our washing machine. If it ain’t broke it don’t need changing.

That’s not my experience and I found I needed to do a bit of tube-rolling in my DAC to cure excessive bass boom. I do have them in quite a small room though. Glad to hear you’re still enjoying them with the RELs. To have both C20’s and HS’s is a very nice place to be! I’ve hung on to my S40’s which will come back into use at some point this year.