Anybody following the new season?

I couldn’t spot any reference to Colin Dexter in this one.

Also, looking forward to Morse upgrading from his portable coffee grinder. Especially as he was wittering on about the “Calloway” being a “test pressing” from a “new recording technique”…



I’m living with an avid Endeavour fan, plus I follow it for stuff unrelated to the story line. I spent a lot of time in Oxford during my youth & was into the local music & other stuff. We now live in a village out of town but with an OX post code. We are very familiar with the city streets & chuckle when a screen has the actors turn a corner on one street to cut to another street in another part of the city, but apart from that a lot is quite accurate & it’s obvious they do take trouble over continuity, although it is a bit of a long walk from the city to the Trout for a quick pint, something they do quite regularly.
I gave up on the Colin Dexter references, so I’m not sure if or when they have stopped

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Yep, I like it lots and my son and daughter, quite fussy about their TV and not normally ones for watching scheduled programmes, drop everything for it and join us on the sofa! Must be something appealing to all ages…

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Yes, I enjoyed it, but am very confused - maybe I missed a series. How come Thursday and wife are getting on so much better? And how come Thursday is now back in charge? What happened to the nasty cops who were in charge of Thursday? When and how did Bright regain his position? Or was that series just a dream, with Thursday stepping out of the shower as if nothing had happened?

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You missed a chunk of that story; Thursday got himself tangled in with bad cops, the very short version is between the gigs & reels he got out of it and got them sorted, some on the end of a lump of lead. Once Fred had turned back into good cop Win made it up with him, despite that he still had given away their life savings. The new T.V. Police powers-that-be saw the errors of their ways, Bright was reinstated it returned to how it was before, including DS Morse.

Ah - thanks, Mike. I must try to find those episodes - definitely missed them.

Yes you must.
Now as it seems Morse has bought himself a house & once he’s sorted the decorating, I’m sure he will be wanting to replace the Dansett record wrecker with something more fitting. So I’m looking out for mention of Westwood & Mason, the famous old (ex) hi-fi dealer on George St.

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Yes, that Dansette must have ruined so many records.

I enjoy Endeavour here in the US which is on our PBS station on a show titled ‘Masterpiece Theater’ which broadcasts a number of British series. Unfortunately, I will see the current season several months after you folks.

Well, there are apps ahem that can get you around that problem… :wink:

Yes love young Morse.
He does well as a actor to loose his normal Liverpudlian accent.
He is also producing this series.

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Another avid Endeavour fan here :+1:

Considering Shaun Evans looks nothing like a younger image of John Thaw, it’s strange (not Jim Strange) how without the biological similarity and many personality traits it actually works as well as it does.

As much as i really like John Thaw as the mature Morse, and as an actor and the real person he was, i tend to feel the young Shaun Evans has out-morsed him somewhat in this earlier period detective drama.


What with Morse the elder & younger, then Lewis in his various forms all solving the murders & other dastardly deeds around Oxford, plus the multiple murders & other goings on in the villages around Midsummer (oxford/bucks borders) in all adding up to at least 2 murders per week, life expectancy in these parts is pretty low & I consider myself lucky to still be in the land of the living.


The Turf is still the same as the one I remember and frequented in the late-60s. Talking of the Dansette does any one remember the series Pennies from Heaven. What was the truntable one of the ‘Likely Lads’ used to play Bix Beidebecke?

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That was my first introduction to Bix.

Can’t remember but then I did always have a bit of a thing for Barbara Flynn, as a grown up, attractive, thinking man’s type of woman. I was probably looking at her more than the record player…


I was hoping they were going to develop Hathaway into another spin off series, after all Oxford, it’s colleges and countryside are the real stars.

But I guess Laurence Fox may be experiencing a carer hiatus in the short to medium term

He was plugging his album the last time I saw him on TV.

Endeavour is frequently filmed around here and parts of our village have featured in it - my wife was actually an extra in one. Midsomer Murders took over the village pub which was the centrepiece of a Christmas episode a few years back - strange watching it being filmed in the middle of July.

Dangerous place our village. :grinning:


You can see it’s shot at a different time of year due to the light , a bit of a giveaway . I enjoy Midsomer Murders though it’s clearly on the last legs.