Engine Out!

Needed to replace sump and timing cover gaskets and oil seals. Engine mount has seized too. And my Alcon made clutch is close to the rivets so will need replacing. It’ll keep me busy


One of my brothers is a top spanner and from listening to him and reading what you are about, I’d say that is a job and a half.

Still, brickwork looks sound and damp course is good :slight_smile:

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It is great to know people still have the skill to do these jobs and at home. Hats off to you.

I have a smaller project on the go.


I’ve ridden a Tomos moped a long time ago. Enjoy your project. :blush:

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What’s the engine?

It’s a Sierra Cosworth 1989.

Twin cam 4, Garret Turbo?

No it’s a 4 cylinder, 2 litre. Modified and makes 370 bhp, 398 lb/ft.

Bit more than SWMBO’s Audi TT Quattro Turbo 225bhp then…and that goes off “like sh!t off a shovel”. Certainly scares the sh!t outta me! LOL :slight_smile:

Nice :slight_smile:

Great stuff, amazing what you can do with a Haynes manual!

Or The Ford Cosmos, as a chap I worked with always called them.

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Good work ! I play with the spanners and love spending time in the garage. I always find the worst part of a job like this is I always go for upgrades and end up taking far too long while I track down bits. Many moons ago I built a Cobra and put a 351W in it as a cut out. I stripped it and had the block machined and by the time I had built it up all that was left of the original engine was the block ! steel crank, H section rods, forged pistons, Edelbrock heads etc. Please do what you have to do and dont go off track like me !

Nice - remap, bigger injectors (greens ?) and turbo mods ?

Green injectors (803s) can’t do enough fuel despite some tuners claims. I’m using Lucas 600cc per minute injectors, Weber L8, T34 turbo, RS500 spec intercooler and a live map at Motorsport Developments. The mapping took around 6 hours and the engine was revved to the limiter over 70 times during mapping :hushed:

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Nice spec - Motorsport developments - is that Blackpool ?. Your post reminded me to dig out some of my old mags for a read.

Yes, that’s Motorsport Developments at Blackpool. Watching your car on the dyno is scary :hushed:

Yep - went to a fair few Rolling road shootouts in my Audi days. Good to see Motosport Developments are still going. They did my RS turbo back in 1995. 180BHP through the front wheels isn’t a lot these days but back then it was a lot of fun… Hope the work goes well on the Cossie :sunglasses:

I first took the engine out in March 1995 a few weeks after I’d bought it! And there’s been a few more occasions since so I’m on familiar ground. :blush:
A Series 1 RD Turbo would have been my second choice - such a great, iconic car.:laughing:

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I see that you snapped the pic immediately after pulling the engine as the a/f is still streaming out.

Nice - you’ve surpassed the oem race-trim output (300hp) by a comfortable margin.

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Sump now clean, just waiting for delivery of new timing cover bolts. Then I can clean the outside of the engine and fit the pulleys and timing belt.
Clutch technology may have moved on and a conventional clutch plate may be suitable and be nicer to drive than the paddle type.