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Good morning all. I have just finally joined the “new” forum. My system has very much transformed since the old Naim Forum days. Its been a couple years, but I see that we still don’t have a Naim 5Si level streamer.

Is there any official word on this? (Like soon or never). I see the ND5 XS2 had dropped the display and I’d be fine with that on a ND 5Si if it existed.

I just recently (yesterday) finally got myself a Nait 5si. Its not even broken in yet, but I’m already thinking about a Naim Streamer with Roon built in.

I’m in the states. I rarely see and ND5 XS come up for sale let alone XS2. I’d really prefer a one box solution (well 2 including the Nait) and because I am wireless to my stereo the UPNP bridge gave me problems (I have a UnitiQute v1).

Thanks for reading and have a good day.

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Hi Brubaccca, welcome back! There has been no mention of such an entry level streamer from Naim, and given that there was never such a thing in the old range either, I think it’s a pretty safe bet that there won’t be one now, either. Of course, Naim never announce new products until they are ready for launch, so we can’t know this for sure.
If you want to improve on your Unitiqute, I think you’ll find the new Unitis are quite an improvement on their predecessors, so you could do worse than getting an Atom, Star or Nova, although obviously this would make your newly acquired Nait redundant. Otherwise, you might get lucky if you’re patient, and find a used ND5XS2. In these troubled times, I wouldn’t be surprised to see an increased number of used or ex-demo items appearing on the market.

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The Naim website describes the ND5XS2 is their entry level streamer so the chances of a ND5si are slim I would imagine. Nait 5si + ND5si at a similar price point would basically be an Atom albeit in a single box.
That said, the ND5XS2 is a wonderful bit of kit. I have had one for just over a week now and can say that the wireless performance is rock solid. Whether streaming CD rips from my NAS or hi res Qobuz streams it never falters.

Welcome back @Brubaccca. You should reach out to Tyler; he has his fingers on the pulse of a lot of Naim owners and what they are looking to trade up out of, if you’re interested in something used. I say this because I think you’re more likely to find a used current-gen streamer (ND5SX2) from a dealer taking it in trade, vs. an auction site.

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Lets me just say that in theory I have no issue with the ND5 XS2 and would gladly add one to my system if it were affordable for me.

I am not ready to buy now, but not having a ND 5si seems like a huge hole in the product offering.

My reservation with the new uniti line of products is that I thought I read they digitize the analog input. I do use a Turntable and have no interest in having that signal go through a A/d then D/A conversion.

Thanks for the input. I appreciate the guidance. And after a morning of listening I am very happy with the Nait 5si.

The Uniti range has been a big success for Naim, and I suspect that they want to keep the product range simple. I can understand your feelings about digitising the analogue input, but suggest that you should judge the performance of any product by listening rather than any technical features.

That is true but vinyl still sounds superb through my Nova. Try listening to vinyl through a Uniti - you may be pleasantly surprised.

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I completely agree - when I resurrected my LP12 and had it playing through the Nova it made me realise how good it (LP12) was as a front end, and how transparently the Nova handled the A to D conversion. Even Linn use A to D conversion in their high end phono stage.

Atom and Nova are fine devices, and analogue inputs seem to be handled very well on the Nova.

There is a reason I don’t use the Qute anymore. Atom would do me no good. Plus the next device up the line is $6,000 USD. Not going to happen. Don’t have it and can’t spend it.

I have spent years buying used and dealer demo gear. Hence my original question.

Looking for Naim to make a 2k streamer to go with its 2k integrated. I got the 5si for $1k second hand. What I have now is ok for now, but the goal would be all Naim electronics eventually.

From what has been posted I’ll be waiting for a ND 5XS3 to come out so I can get a ND5 XS2 at a palatable price level. Luckily I am a patient man.

Thanks to all who posted. I wish I could just buy a Star, Nova or just a ND5 XS2.

Brubaccca I’m in the states. I rarely see and ND5 XS come up for sale let alone XS2.

With the shut down effecting a lot of dealers you may want to email some of your local dealers or even Naim dealers that are not local to see what availability of a ND5 XS or ND5 XS2 they may have. My local dealer in Seattle is still answering phone/messages and emails and can ship as I am sure other dealers around the country are doing.

If you have the time making some inquires may see your efforts rewarded.

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That’s the reason I went with a Sonore streamer for my DAC V1, though they are USB out. Plus it has software that can cast Roon to older streamers such as the Unitiqute. Plenty of third party, Roon ready options out there that cost a lot less and will have more functionality for your 5si.

EDIT: Oh sorry, I thought you were looking for a Roon ready streamer. Otherwise, yes a used Naim streamer will work for you, and they are out there, just have to be patient.

I have the Original MicroRendu right now. I am using it with a Schiit Audio Gungnir MultiBit. It actually sounds pretty good to the Nait. It drives me a bit crazy having three boxes (I have a separate PSU for the MicroRendu that I don’t think I can name here, the MicroRendu and the Gungnir Dac) plus the Amp. I addition I have a Turntable plus phono Pre.

Its just not clean and tidy looking. I’d like to try a Naim Streamer down the line (not now).

Like Brubacca, I would be in the market for an Si streamer if Naim offered one and priced it at around the same as the 5si CDP or amp. I would not need external DAC inputs - just a streamer of the same quality as the 5si range that did wifi streaming reliably. Unfortunately an ND5 XS2 is twice the price of the 5si range and yes, items can be purchased secondhand, but, when streaming tech/services seem to be changing so fast, I am dubious about paying £1,000 + for the older ND5 XS, especially with its dodgy screen :smile:

I think that you are allowed to name it as long as it is not a model designed to be used with Naim equipment, which yours is not.

I have the same power supply (I think) with a microRendu on my 2nd system (DAC is a Mytek Brooklyn+). Although I have never auditioned the Schiit Audio Gungnir Multibit DAC it has an extremely good reputation for its price. I would just make the comment that I used to own an ND5XS,
and I would be surprised if it is as good as your 3 box set-up.

The ND5XS2 is by all accounts a much better streamer/DAC. If I were you, I’d not be tempted to go with a mark 1 version, and hang on for an ND5XS2.

Ok… Yes, I use a Teddy Pardo Power Supply on my MircoRendu.

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