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Are any Olive owners on here EQing their room response as opposed to using treatment? If so what gear are you using?

I can do it easypeasy with via my Raspberry Pi, but no dice for vinyl. Looks like i need to a separate phono stage and analogue parametric. Doesn’t feel right to go putting the phono signal through an ADC with my current setup.

Did Naim ever do EQ cards or offer mods for the NAC72?

I use Roon’s convolution to correct some bass boom.

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Be aware that with DSP trying to fix a dip due to cancellation is a rapid route to speaker destruction. In fact trying to raise the level of any dips more than a small amount may be unwise. That said, DSP can be a useful tool for reducing peaks and evening out minor dips - however it can do nothing about early reflections. In other words it is not a substitute for physical acoustic treatment, but it certainly can make some improvements. It is best to view DSP room correction as a complement to physical room correction: play with speaker and listening position first to get the best response achievable, then treat the room as far as possible/practicable, then use DSP to fix any significant unevenness in response that remains. Some people say that using DSP creates audible artefacts, but whether that is significant is simply a matter of balance: benefit of the correction vs disbenefit of any audible artefacts.

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Thanks for the tips. Wife acceptance factor wont stretch to treatment unfortunately :joy:. Aside from the room modes in the low end the room is an otherwise a good listening environment. I’m not planning to EQ the whole range as I like the response of the speakers as is, just notch out the excitations below 100hz.

It certainly introduces a phase shift at the eq frequency, but usually if done correctly (as you say) the benefits outweigh the negatives. If there are artifacts like pops, warbles etc that you sometimes hear in low bitrate mp3s etc then I would think the ADC and DAC being used in the DSP are pretty shoddy implementations. I have no such issues when dialing in PEQ settings via my raspberry pi.

@Richard.Dane Did Naim ever do custom PEQ cards for the NAC72?

No, definitely not - they did not.

Feels like they missed a trick there. Thinking along the lines of the old BSS FDS360 crossovers, which featured custom crossover cards and optional eq card

Clearly… YMMV.
Not sure Naim will agree with you… :thinking:

Do not forget Naim’s Active Crossovers, though…


It is possible for some degree of concealment, for some absorption or diffusion panels: E.g. you can get “art” panels, with either a stock picture (photo, copy of work of art, etc), or an image/photo of your own, looking much like a frameless canvas, though somewhat deeper.

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