Equipment platforms

It could just be there is no problem in the first place and what this is telling me is that the furniture and the Superuniti mass / rubber feet are providing all the necessary vibration mitigation?
I suppose the only way to prove it would be to deliberately introduce some vibration into the system by adding it locally (by using a small modal shaker) and playing music at the same time. It
IF there’s an audible difference then it’s worth doing if not…it’s a snake oil / emperor’s new clothes phenomenon!?
What I’m driving at is if I can’t hear a difference then maybe there is no difference to be heard in the first place.
It does however protect the furniture :+1:

In my experience, providing further separation for my NAIM boxes from my Isoblue stands with (3, in each case) isolation feet provides a noticeable improvement in SQ.

Your negative experience is caused by ineffective/inappropriate materials IMHO.

I’m a bit surprised your wife is happy with those ugly white pads. I’d suggest getting a piece of glass the same size and colour of Fraim glass cut, buying some Fraim ball and cup supports and then sticking a thin piece of self adhesive plastic on the bottom of them, cut to size, to protect the sideboard.

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Right I’m going to do a little bit of real research although it’s probably going to have to wait until I can get back to work (been homeworking since my company Siemens sent us all packing with our workstations and monitors way back in early march).
I’ll see if I can borrow some accelerometers and actually take some measurements across the unit and surrounding environment to see what’s really going on. That’s possibly likely to be months away so this thread might have to start afresh.

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Back in my student days (1984/5) that is exactly what I did. I used several accelerometers with a real time spectrum analyser to study loud speaker stands. Of course things have come along way since then, but if you have an inquisitive mind and access to the necessary equipment then let us know how you get on.

FWIW, I moved from Sound Organization stands, through Mana supports, to Fraim in the years since. So welcome to the journey.

This is an interesting thread. Whilst I can attest to the benefits of good equipment support, having previously owned two stacks of Fraim, I don’t like how most hifi racks look, including Fraim!
I am hoping that a good platform and some footers with Naim synergy (most I have tried don’t) will deliver an acceptable alternative. At the moment I am having some success using an Audiophile Base platform with Critical Mass Systems Center Stage 2 footers under my SN3.
A rack would probably sound better though.

I don’t think that Quadraspire make the isolation platform shown above any more.
For a trial the Qplus demo case is now available internationally. Possibly a no cost way of finding out?

I wouldn’t get too fixated on using glass as a solution as this has to be used in conjunction with other materials to work effectively - like the Fraim and Mana do. You don’t need fancy measuring devices either. Play some music and you will hear the difference!

There are many many platforms available, from 100 euros ( Aoustand, butcher block, granite slab…), to 300/500 euros ( Avid, bFly), and even 3/4 k like Hrs, Finite Elemente…

The bFly looks nice.

Gingko platforms under turntables have a good reputation too

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