Eric Bibb: Where to start?

Thought I might have a listen to some Eric Bibb. Where should I start?

One of my favourites… might have to play it next


In no particular order…

Home To Me

Spirit & The Blues

Painting Signs

Natural Light

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‘Diamond Days’ & ‘Roadworks’ another two worth having.



Spirit and the blues.

It’s a modern classic. Beautiful recorded, too.


An hour ago I was like, who’s Eric Bibb ?, fast forward a journey through Roon, what a find, thanks guys.
Great playing, soulful… and great production.


Thanks for the suggestions, folks. Should keep me occupied for a while.

Blues People is pretty good imho

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Eric Bibb - Live à fip.

A live broadcast from Radio fip, this 2 CD offering is live Eric at his best, and Disc #2 is just stunning.

Anything by Eric Bibb is great!

After damaging Spirit and the Blues doing some unplanned juggling whilst cleaning records I bought a new signed copy from his website. And got a nice email from his wife too letting me know it had been despatched.

It’s always nice to fund the artist directly :slightly_smiling_face:


Qobuz currently has Eric Bibb on special offer with some great discounts.

Problem with Qobuz is they don’t have Spirit and the Blues, it’s the one album I would like to add to my Eric Bibb collection but not at mad prices or dodgy download vendors.
If anyone has a suggestion, let me know.

Yep it’s only on Tidal. Out of stock on Eric’s online shop too. :confounded:

I finally found a copy, Spirit and The Blues, 24/96 FLAC, I found it on one of those download vendors that has regular speed “premium” and very slow “free” services. I tried the free & although it took 6 hours it is a real good quality file. The original was recorded in 1994, this is remastered in 2014 so I’m assuming its taken from the SACD & DSD re-release.
All I can say is it’s Eric Bibb at his best, highly recommended.

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Very interesting a few things that I would dearly love as a FLAC download - but get as far a hovering over the download button then think twice - there’s no such thing as a free lunch and that’s as far as I get - glad that worked for you.

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