Eric Clapton on BBC 4 Tonite

For UK viewers only (sorry everyone else)
Eric Clapton, Life in 12 bars”, BBC-4 9:30pm to 12:30

Good shout. Watching now!

What a life. I had to check he hadn’t passed away when the announcer said there was a change in the next program afterwards.
I was revisiting unplugged last week, still sounds fantastic.

Tragic really but he seems in a good place now finally

If anyone, in or outside UK, wants to see this, try a web search for
the 3w’s (if it works in your locale)
It’s a 2 hour story of his life, not so much music but the music (& the mans) journey

Wonderful player and an underrated singer. I have been a huge fan for over 50 years and seen him on stage many times. At his best when playing live as innumerable YouTube videos demonstrate.

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