Erratic IRadio Stations

Similar to what was mentioned in the attached topic, I noticed that some German stations, particularly the “80s80s” group of stations seem to have erratic connections. When I click my presets of them, oftentimes these do not connect. I just started noticing this happening this month (April 2022).

@Stevesky looks like you may need to get your magic calming screwdriver out again!

HI guys,

I checked the URL that VTuner are using for 80s80’s and it looks legit:

The 80s80s network is quite big so if there is a particular station then let me know.

re: WDR2 & WDR4 - these are regional stations, so there are about 10 stations covering Germany. However, I checked all of them and they all seem to be working and the URL’s are good. If you can provide mode details on what variant of the station is trying to be played will help focus in the investigation.

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Steve Harris
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Naim Audio Ltd.

Hi Stevesky, I have in my presets 80s80s; Pop, Party, Maxis, Wave, Depeche Mode, David Bowie, Christmas, NDW. All these stations eventually connect, but starting this month, I just noticed that when changing from one station to another, it normally (frequent - around 80% of the time) does not connect during the first try. I don’t have this problem with other stations. Nothing changed in my entire system. Even the internet service provider and router are the same.

Oh, I’m not sure if this has something to do with it, but this month, I updated the iOS of my iPhone to the current version, 15.4.1.

Hi @fdm

If the statement of that other (non) 80s80s stations are ok and connect reliably, then it indicates the issue is at the 80s80s server side - maybe they have a load issue.

What I can do as a test is add one of the 80s80s channels to Naim Choice with a different URL and see if that works reliably for you.



Hi @fdm

80s80s now added to Naim’s Choice - that’s using the same URL as they use on they website for playback.

Let me know if it’s any better.



I know a few, ah, never mind, thought you said erotic iradio stations

Hi Stevesky, thanks for the assist. The 80s80s station now included in the list seems to be working fine….

I was testing other internet radio stations and also noticed some sluggishness. Sometimes even Naim stations also exhibit this.

I’m coordinating also with Duncan of Tech Support. I told him that as far as connections with Tidal Connect, Spotify Connect and even Airplay, my connection has been snappy and stable. But with regard to iRadio, I’m experiencing some sluggishness and poor connection. Duncan has been requiring me to do some scans as well as some adjustments in my iPhone. I hope things get sorted out.

My question now is why am I getting good connection with Tidal, Spotify and Airplay, but having erratic behavior in iRadio? Are streamers really more challenged in streaming iRadio? What’s the difference between streaming internet radio streamers vs. the likes of Tidal and Spotify?

Hi @fdm

I think one of the dns servers as run by your internet provider is not working, and its falling back to a secondary one.

When doing. Internet radio it’s typically very dns lookup heavy. Primarily:
1x dns lookup at vtuner
1x dns lookup in the first url to the radio stations servers
N more potential lookups as the radio station redirect to the final server.

Typically there is a 5sec timeout on dns lookups, before it starts trying alternative ones. However a bad dns server can cause havoc on the usability of the network link.

As a test you could try using the google dns ( and see if the problems go away.

On those other sources in your question, they do very few dns lookups, unlike internet radio.

Best regards


Shifting DNS to did make things a bit snappier in certain times. But I still encounter cases of unresponsiveness when changing stations.

I’m really not sure if there is a connection or even a hardware issue, or I’m just unlucky to pick a station which at that time was actually encountering technical issues or simply just up to its limit already of current users.?.?

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