Erratic streaming

Could someone with a Tidal subscription and a Mu-so try the album below and report back on how it plays? I’m finding most tracks won’t play.

Update: looking at the album online most tracks are greyed out, which they aren’t on the app. I guess that’s the solution.

Yes, unavailable (from my Roon):

It’s quite common for either new releases or compilation albums to be wholly or partly unavailable via streaming services. Negotiating rights with every artist on a compilation could be complicated and time consuming, or some of them might just refuse it.

True but the issue for me is the differing information between the Tidal website and app (both show the unavailable tracks) and the Naim app which doesn’t.

I agree that they could make it a bit clearer rather than just showing unavailable tracks in grey.

Same on Apple Music. I noticed this on the day of release. Like you, I’m assuming it’s a licensing issue.

One of the inevitable downsides to streaming.

Yes, but that doesn’t explain why the Tidal app shows only 6/50 tracks available while the Naim app shows 50/50 available.

It does once you understand that in the Naim app, greyed out text means that the track isn’t available.

In the Naim app none of the tracks are greyed out but only 6 play.

They are on mine.

Erratic streaming? Is that an age related thing?

That’s another mystery…

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