Error cant connect to spotify server

Hi all , i am getting the above error today on my 272.
I have rebooted the device to no avail.

Tidal and internet radio work fine.
I can point to my Naim Unitiquite and all works fine - so its just the spotify on the 272.

Any ideas?

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Try to reset your password et log out from all devices first. It may work.

many thanks for the response.
Will co-ordinate with my family and let you know the result!

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I have the same problem as of a couple of days ago and logging out everywhere hasnt solved the problem yet

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Interesting - do you have a 272?
Like i say my uniqute works fine.

Yes 272 there is a firmware upgrade that was recommended for tidal native app support perhaps spotify needs it too

Did you restart your router too? Often this turns out to be the cause of an issue. So turn it all off again, turn the router off. Wait a minute or so, turn the router on again and then once it has fully reconnected then turn your 272 etc on again. Also restart your mobile phone.

I’m having the same problem. Spotify works fine on my phone. All other inputs on my NDX are working.

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Any updates? Am planning to get the 272 firmware upgrade and will let you know

Will attempt a firmware upgrade as soon as i dare!
Restarting router made no difference.

A 272 firmware upgrade is not for everyone. I’m not sure it will actually work either.

I’d like to see a comment from Naim themselves about this issue.

Streaming Spotify to a device is a very very basic feature. It should just work.

For several days I’ve been able to listen to Spotify with some cheaper brands… but not my £4k Naim device!

Makes me wary of investing further into the Naim brand.

Naim don’t necessarily read posts here in the forum. You should contact Naim support as well. But if there were a general Spotify problem from 272s, then you would see many posts, not just a couple.

I got the 272 firmware upgrade done by dealer tech and it seems to have resolved the issue i could connect to spotify fine directly from the Spotify app

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@Willmac i got the firmware upgraded at the dealer and it seems to have resolved the issue with Spotify

Good to hear that an Update seems to get Spotify working again on a 272.

Ive heard that updating a 272 can be tricky.

Not IT savvy and not bought anything from my dealer (Music Matters) in years.

How much do Naim dealers typically charge to do this type of thing?

Great news thanks,
I have all the instructions so I will try this weekend!

Very strange - I had it working perfectly on my unitiqute2 with a wired internet connection and now I get this same message all of a sudden. Really looking forward to a solution being posted

Hopefully a Naim expert reading this can suggest something for us?

Ive no idea how to do a firmware upgrade, there must be a simple way to get Spotify on a 272, without doing a firmware upgrade?

Everything worked perfectly 7 days ago.

i am going to see my dealer tomorrow about another issue - but will ask if he can do the firmware upgrade - if not the instructions seem ok - so will try myself next week.

Worried now @Cheshire had got this on his uniqute2 - mine still works.

@Chris99 I agree this is really an issue for Naim to sort with Spotify.
My guess Spotify have changed something which broken something with older Naim equipment.

Fortunately i have Tidal which I use mostly - but my daughter will be distraught if her new system stops working for spotify.

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Thank you Willmac and David.

I agree this is probably a change by Spotify but I would have thought Naim would at least be reporting it to Spotify.

If Naim and Spotify apps dont work together anymore then that could be a loss of a lot customers for both companies.

Love Naim and Spotify, but only when they work.