I wonder if anyone can help…“new” to Naim…and the “destructions” are pretty sparse…I connect my CD5SI to my Naim Nait 5si via din to din as recommended, and use a 3.5 metre pair of Witch hat speaker cables. I have a couple of recently purchased c.d’s that stop playing at the same point every time, and and “error” is shown in the display box. Other “ancient” discs seem to play throughout with no discernable problems.
Does this indicate a player fault or a disc fault? I have also replaced the puck in case the old one was worn, but the error code on certain discs still displays at the same point with every play.
I bought this player used(barely 6 months old)…I s there any sort of user reset that can be employed to perhaps “solve” the problem?

This may possibly be down to the couple of recent discs. I note that in recent years either disc pressing has got much worse or maybe they’re trying to put too much music on a CD. I have at least a small handful of discs where there appears to be a tiny fault near the outer edge and the last track can give problems on a range of players and rippers. I’ve also noted that some problem discs are well outside of Redbook standard - i.e. longer than 74 minutes.

When you say the player stops at the same point every time, is this year the start, in the middle, or near the end of the disc?

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The same place on different disks sounds very much like a disk problem rather than a player problem.

I don’t have a Naim CD player , mine is an Arcam but with similar type of problem.

Mine would frequently stick on the first track , I used to bump it along to the next playable track. It was so annoying.

Then last October, I purchased a TT and found that I had to level it with a couple of drink coasters under the back feet of an isolation platform.

Which indicated to be me that the CD player probably needed levelling - it did - as it was standing on the same rack as the TT.

I haven’t had any further sticking problems with the CD player.

So, is your CD player level?

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