Error during Uniticore backup

I’m trying to backup my Core to an attached USB drive but the backup will stop part way through and show “Error” in the Backup Status. The backup stops at that point snd won’t continue. This a new drive that I’m using.

How do I determine what the error is? If the error is due to a particular file, I could remove it but it doesn’t appear to provide any details on the error. Any help appreciated.

First thing I would suggest is a power off restart of your UnitiCore. So take the power off completely, wait half a minute, then restore the power and let it start up normally. Then try the backup again. I have occasionally had weird backup situations and a restart always sorted it out. But you can’t restart everything via the front panel button. Hence the power off restart. Are you using the front panel USB for the backup disc? That is what I always use.

It should do a differential backup, so if it errors and you restart the backup, you should see a lower number of files needing to be backed up. Is that what you see or does it start from the beginning each time?

Secondly if it still errors, you can see which file it errored at by looking at the backup on a PC and see which was the most recently copied file. That may or may not allow you to work out what it was doing when it went wrong.

Thirdly I would suggest that you delete the partial backup and let the Core start again from scratch. Obviously trying another backup disc would be worth doing if you can.

Thanks David.
I did a power restart of the Core but that didn’t work.
I use the front panel USB for the backup disc. It is doing a differential backup but would stop at that particular point again.
I did delete the previous partial backup, reformatted the disc and tried again but it stop partway through as before.
How do I see which file is causing the problem on the PC? I have a PC laptop as well as a Macbook.

I think I would look at the backup on the USB stick and see which was the last file to be backed up successfully. If it’s mid album then you could try deleting that album from the Core and backing up again. If it’s the last file on an album then it’s more tricky and I’m not sure how you go from there.

I did what you suggested. Good thing the backup stopped part way through a file and I deleted that from the Core and restarted the backup.
Thanks David.

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