Error in nd5 sx 2

Hi, I have nd5 sx 2 device. It worked perfect during first year. After that it was plugged off during 6 months.
Now, when I connect a power cord I see an orange light indicator and after 20-30 sec it turns to red and power button flashing. Looks like it’s 4-2-4 code, (or maybe 4-4-2 or 2-4-4 )
I tried many times, without success.
Reset button doesn’t help even if hold it during a long time.
I even removed the top cover and stirred all contacts that I found, nothing helped.

Does somebody know what this error code mean?

I don’t know the exact meaning of the flashing seq you are seeing but when it’s been red for me before I had to double-check my Network and found my DHCP wasn’t handing out an ipaddress.
Anyway I found this at if no-one chimes in to help you.
“call us (UK +44 (0) 333 321 9923 / USA and Canada +1 800 961 5681) or email ( for further assistance.”

Have you been in touch with Naim support yet?

My home network logs look good, but anyway I don’t see this device as connected when I check router admin panel.

Yes, I asked them. Waiting for reply

Naim support are closed now until Monday. I am pretty sure what you seeing is a hardware error message. If it were me, I would be taking it back to my dealer immediately.

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