Eset threat found with this App

My eset antivirus is flagging up threat with this app on Android and recommending app be uninstalled. Please advise

I have removed the app, scanned device. I notice that that the Community app doesn’t appear on the playstore?

Not really an issue because using Chrome/web to access but wonder if anybody else has experienced this

Apple released a security patch yesterday 16.5.1(a) for all iPhones and iPads.

They did, but it was apparently pulled almost immediately as it broke lots of common apps.

You can use the Discourse app if you want to use an app instead of web access. The Naim forum runs on the Discourse platform.

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Sorry, being dim but is there a Naim community app of some kind for iOS or is it for Androis or some kind of Discourse plugin?

Anyone familiar with Discourse as my son is trying to persuade me to get it for him.

Discourse is the platform on which the Naim community runs, and they (the software company behind discourse) made an app to go with it. I very much doubt there’s anything dodgy with it.


Apple have just released another RSR (Rapid Security Response) in as many days. It’s 16.5.1(c), never seen a ‘c’ before. Rumour is that RSR ‘a’ had a problem, but they just say ‘c’ provides important security fixes and is recommended for all users.

BT antivirus OK with my phone - Naim community app included…

Are iPhones and iPads likely to get this installed automatically or do you have to refresh the operating system?

It totally depends whether you have your iPhone/iPad set to automatically do updates or not.

Anywsy you can just go to settings/general/software update to check or start the update.

It’s a tiny one on my phone, 4MB.

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It’s not the operating system, it’s just the software.
…. Settings>General>Software Update.
Re the question; It depends how you choose to set up your devise, it can be automatic or manual.
I have mine set to manual with an alert simply because I like to keep abreast of what’s going on.

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And it needs to be charging on my iPhone 11.

I’ve used Discourse in a writing project. It can host forums, like this one. It is popular with computer gamers. Never had any trouble with it. There are lots of different forums and you can create your own.

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Thanks, I think one of his friends mobile phone is broken so they can’t easily text or something - often to discuss gaming!

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