Ethernet and bit rate

So does ethernet connection from laptop (windows 10) to router to unitiqute automatically allow 24 bit 192 khz, or do we need to download some drivers for that as well?

Also I use Asset upnp - does that support 192 khz?

And how/where can we see the bit rate currently being served?

Appreciate the clarification.

Yes, Asset supports 24/192. The Naim app now playing screen will tell you the bit rate/frequency info.

Ethernet uses TCP/IP protocols. It’s drivers haven in Windows operating system as standard I believe since Windows for Worgroups in the early 90s. TCP/IP can be used to transfer any binary data and binary files.

192/24/2 is an example of a sound file encoding rate; specifically 192kHz sample rate, 24 bits per channel sample and 2 channels.
This data file in what ever data encoding format can be transferred via TCP/IP, no drivers are needed, just software running on the hosts to manage the transfer of the data.

And typically any cabled Ethernet connection (100Mbps or faster) will be fast enough, even for multiple Hires streams.

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