Ethernet cable for Naim MuSo 2


I’m about to purchase a MuSo 2nd generation. I need to purchase a long ethernet cable and don’t want to skimp on buying a really cheap one.

I have a Gigabit Ethernet Switch (STP ports) behind the TV, so I am thinking about a good quality STP Cat6 cable, although I see the MuSo uses an UTP Ethernet port only.

Would I get any benefit from an STP cable in this case? Or shall I just go UTP but a decent Cat6 cable?

Thanks for any help


My view is that amazon basics cable will work as good as anything. I use a standard patch cable on my Muso 2.

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Get a Blue Jeans Cat6a and be done with it. More than an Amazon Basics but much better. Order direct from them but also available on Amazon in certain sizes.

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My MuSo 2 came with a VANDESAIL Flat Cat 7 cable. They are available online for a reasonable price and the build quality looks quite good. Made in China.

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thanks, will check these out.

thanks for the info, will check these out.

thanks for the info here.

Look for a certified Cat 5e cable (or Cat 6), really, it’s all you need.

What’s “long”?
I think everything to 20m should be no hassle without “broken” cables; according to specs, up to 100m should work. :wink:

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