Ethernet cable maximum length

Hi is there a maximum ethernet cable length before performance is effected? As I need to run a 40ft length from router to Uniti

100 metres (330 ft) is the specification, same for Cat 5, Cat6, and Cat6a cable with 100 Mbit (as in Naim streamers) and 1 Gbit networks. For 10Gbit ethernet it is the same but only with Cat6a or Cat7 cable, with Cat6 for 10 Gbit it is only 55 meters.

You’ll be fine with that sort of length, anything beyond 90m is where speed will suffer, it’ll probably work to a point beyond 100m but it’s typically rated at a given speed up to 100m.
The Naim products have a 100 Mbit interface anyway.

Thank you ,just a bit confused with the different cat specs, what one would be ideal and any good recommended makes? Sorry for all the questions I’m new to all this, cheers

Potential to open a can of worms with this topic :joy:
You can spend a LOT of money on Ethernet cables made by audio cable companies, I’d suggest start with something well known and trusted and not made specifically for a HiFi fan with deep pockets.
Bluejeans cables are well made and regarded and a good starting point that won’t require you to sell your car to fund it.

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I would recommend using a commercial network cable supplier who supplies properly certified Cat5e cables.
If you go to a supplier who has even the remotest connection to the HiFi market you will be overpaying for such a product by at least a factor of ten (and I’m afraid Blue Jeans do fall into this category!)
At the other extreme, I would avoid the ebay sellers who peddle extremely cheap cables which often claim to conform, but usually don’t. Go for a recognised supplier such as FS cables of Cable Monkey and you’ll be fine.

Thank you all for your help

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