Ethernet Cable with Grounding Wire

I have a Nova which like other Naim products has a ground switch with two positions.

The Ethernet cable i ma buying comes with a ground running from tip to tip and a kind of fly cable that is grounded, either via a supplied cable and plug (to a wall socket outlet), or you buy a separate elaborate ground block.

My question is should i keep my ground switch as floating or grounded.

Best advice is to listen for yourself - the intention of the ground switch is that when you have your Uniti Nova connected to a mains grounded CD Player, the Uniti Nova Grounding Switch should be set to Floating. I don’t think the ethernet cable might have any effect on this … No damage will be done if the wrong Signal Ground Position is chosen.

The default/floating switch is for signal ground
Only one signal ground is required, so if you connect a CD player that has a fixed signal ground, then you set it for floating, if no other source is connected then the switch should be set to default.
Ethernet has no connection to the Nova’s signal ground, although the RJ45 socket shroud is connected to the Nova’s case earth.

Thanks to you both - as MIKE B mentions above, that was my concern i did not articulate very well.

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